Mine Warfare - Daum

Mine Warfare - Daum

Mine Warfare Mine Warfare Different than other weapons systems Target comes to the weapon Weapons system activated (planted) without a specific target detected. Dont have to be there for it to work. Can be crude and still be VERY effective Requires advanced planning

History of Mine Warfare Revolutionary War Powder keg covered in tar with flintlock firing device Civil War Large scale mining of land and sea

World War II 23,000 mines laid sinking or damaging 1,075 Japanese ships Vietnam War Extensive mining of inland waterways

US vs Mines Of the 18 US Navy ships that have suffered battle damage in the last 50 years, 78 per cent was as a result of mines History of Mine Warfare

The U.S. had considerably reduced the use of mines since the end of the cold war Recent Events

USS Samuel B. Roberts USS Princeton USS Tripoli Operation Desert Storm The need for a rapid clearing of shallow water minefields were required in preparation for an amphibious assault. U.S. vs. MINES

What WhatItItTakes TakesTo ToGoAnytime, GoAnytime,Anywhere Anywhereby byRear RearAdm. Adm. Horne,

Horne,Proceedings, Proceedings,Jan Jan1998 1998 USS Tripoli (LPH-11) Bad Day at Sea USS Samuel B. Roberts

Not just ships The Mission Of Mine Warfare Detect and Avoid or Eliminate mine threat (Mine Countermeasures (MCM))

Mining is also a force multiplier in todays and tomorrows conflict scenarios.... - Force 2001 Classification of Mines By method of delivery Air-delivered mines

Surface-delivered mines Submarine-delivered mines By position in the water after delivery

Moored mines Bottom mines Drifting mines Classification of Mines By method of activation Contact Mines

Influence Mines Magnetic Acoustic Pressure Combination Typical Moored Mine Arming Device Magnetometer

Anchor Firing System Components Mechanism Section Explosive Section

Typical Bottom Mine Nose Fairing Search Coil Spoiler Arming

Device Explosive Charge Release Mechanism Firing System Components

Tail Fin Parachute Pack U.S. Mines Quickstrike based on 500 lb or 2000 lb bombs kits stored to convert bombs to mines

Mk 60 Captor (rising, deep ocean) Mk 67 SLMM CAPTOR Mine (MK 60)

* Delivered by air or subs * Deep-Water Moored Mine * Rising Mine * Targeted Against Submarines * Releases a torpedo after it detects a sub. Mk 60 CAPTOR Mine Submarine-Launched

Mobile Mine * Shallow-water bottom mine * Against Surface ships * Submarine Delivered * Self propelled SLMM Improved SLMM

Minefield Planning Objectives Environmental Consideration Type of Minefield Offensive Defensive Protective Geographic location Water depth

Currents Bottom type and slope Prevailing sea state What type of Mine do I use? Delivering the Mines Delivery Considerations Type of Minefield How many mines needed Is the area defended

What type of mines needed How accurate the placement Platforms Available Aircraft (P-3 & S-3) Surface ships Submarine (Attack) How Do I Plant the Mines?

Mine Countermeasures (MCM) Self-Protection Silencing (protection from acoustic mines) Degaussing (protection from magnetic mines) Steaming slowly (protection from pressure mines) Clearing/Removing Mines

Mine sweeping Cut cables then activate to destroy (moored mines) Use acoustic/magnetic noisemakers to activate Mine hunting Search and neutralize individual mines Use sonar then investigate every possible target . Mine Hunting Techniques

VHF Active Sonar Divers UUV Navy Seals, & Sea Lions Navy Whales & Dolphins Mine sweepers

MCM- Avenger Class Ocean going Fiberglass-wood construction Mine sweepers MHC- Osprey Class

Coastal (low endurance) Glass Reinforced Plastic construction Video and Sonar Detection Mine sweepers

MCS - Inchon former Amphib Assault Ship 8 helicopters support for MHCs C4I capabilities

Mine sweepers MH-53E Sea Stallion drags sled clears magnetic and acoustic mines

Built in Mine Hunter What WhatItItTakes TakesTo To GoAnytime, GoAnytime,Anywhere

Anywhere by byRear RearAdm. Adm.Horne, Horne, Proceedings, Jan Proceedings, Jan1998 1998


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