MGSC-2015-12 ASEAN COMPASS - Europa

MGSC-2015-12 ASEAN COMPASS - Europa

COMPASS: EU-ASEAN Capacity Building Project for Monitoring Integration Progress and Statistics Marco Ginestro, Eurostat Unit A3 ( [email protected]) MGSC Luxembourg, 19-20 March 2015 Eurostat Eurostat Basic information Long name of the project: EU-ASEAN Capacity Building Project for Monitoring Integration Progress and Statistics Short name of the project:

COMPASS Total budget: 7.5 million EUR Duration: 4 years Start date: June 2014 Financing: European Commission (DCI)

Eurostat's role: Advisory role (and member of the Steering Committee) 2 Eurostat Eurostat Objectives Overall objective: support ASEAN integration through the availability and utilization of more timely, comparable and relevant statistics to facilitate monitoring and decisionmaking, notably by ASEAN Member States governments and ASEAN Secretariat.

Project purpose: a) support the development of the ASEAN Community Statistical System (ACSS); b) build the capacity of the ASEAN Integration Monitoring Office (AIMO) to report on the regional integration progress. 3 Eurostat Eurostat Beneficiaries (for the statistical component) ASEANstats: the statistical unit of the ASEAN Secretariat. It is under the responsibility of AIMO.

Producers of official statistics in the ASEAN Member States (mainly national statistical offices). Particular emphasis will be put to narrow development gaps within ASEAN, by supporting least developed countries (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar CL). For example: short terms missions for training on the spot delivered by more advanced countries ("ASEAN-helps-ASEAN") and facilitation of access to higher education in statistics in institutions of more advanced countries. 4 Eurostat Eurostat Areas (for the statistical component)

International merchandise trade statistics (IMTS) Statistics on international trade in services (SITS) Foreign direct investment statistics (FDIS) Institution building (e.g. strategy and functioning of the ACSS, implementation of the ASEAN Code of Practice, etc.) Information technology and dissemination Other statistical fields: MDGs/SDGs, national accounts 5 Eurostat Eurostat Implementation A service contract for the implementation of the project was awarded by the EU Delegation in Jakarta to the consortium led by ADETEF.

Members of the consortium: ADETEF, ARTEMIS, ICON Institute, AETS. Expertise is also provided by three European NSIs: NIS Romania, Statistics Norway, Statistics Netherlands. Eurostat mainly advises ASEANstats and EU Delegation on implementation aspects, by referring to experience and best practices of the ESS. 6 Eurostat Eurostat Thank you for your attention! 7 Eurostat Eurostat

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