Message Time Plus (MTP) - Orange Board of Education

Message Time Plus (MTP) - Orange Board of Education

Message Time Plus (MTP) Intro Seminar Lets Break the Ice!! Everyone has a penny in front of you. Take a look at the year that is on your penny. Think about something that happened to you in that year that you would like to share with

the group. If the year on the penny is a year before you were born look up what happened in that year using your phone/computer. Activating Prior Knowledge On your 4 post-its respond to the following questions then place them on the appropriate charts.

1. 2. 3. 4. How How How How

do do do do you teach children to read? you teach children to write? children learn to read best? children learn to write best?

What is Message Time Plus Message Time Plus is a modeled writing and shared reading instructional practice that follows seven steps for planning and implementation. The seven steps have been carefully designed to support young readers and writers through a meaningful and authentic reading and writing experience. Each step is supported by research-based effective practices.

The Seven Step Process of MTP Step 1: Planning Step 1: Planning- Planning for Message Time Plus occurs before the lesson and planning notes are recorded on a lesson plan template. The students are not present

Step 2: Thinking Aloud Although labeled as step two, this is actually the first step that a teacher would implement in a Message Time Plus lesson (with the students). Step 3: Writing and Reading This step occurs as the teacher is writing the message and the students

are simultaneously reading the message. Step 4: Predicting and Assessing Step four is occurring simultaneously with step three. During modeled writing and shared reading, students are making predictions, the teacher is offering feedback, and the teacher

is assessing students on the fly. Step 5: Re-reading After each sentence that is written, the teacher guides the students to re-read, allowing them to put all the words they read into a meaningful sentence that sounds right. This re-reading happens again after the entire message is written. With each opportunity to re-read, the students reading

becomes more automatic, accurate, and smooth. Step 6: Analyzing and Scaffolding After the message is composed and read, the teacher calls three to five students to the message board for an individualized scaffolding experience. During or after the scaffolding of three to five individuals, a brief

and focused whole class mini-lesson also occurs. Step 7: Re-reading the Message: After analyzing the message, the students are guided to re-read the message one final time. The final re-reading allows the students to see the individual elements of the message that

they focused on during step six in a meaningful context, while further increasing their ability to fluently read the message. What MTP is Not Morning Message Daily News Pre-Written Interactive Writing

How is the Message Written? The message should be written in legible print, large enough for the students to read easily. Teacher must stand to the side of the board so the students can see the message as it is being written. Write the message with a single, dark colored marker.

Try to use a board that is wider than it is tall. Leave space at the bottom for mini-lesson during step six. Break Time 10 minutes

Video Message Time Plus First Grade Classroom Video Discussion Turn to a partner and discuss what were

some of the things you noticed in the video that you would like to try in class. Strategies to Help You Get Started 1. 2. 3.

Plan a mini-lesson on the expected behaviors for MTP Use a method for calling students to the board. Example: (popsicle sticks) Start off by only writing a couple of sentences in the beginning making them predicable especially for beginning of Kindergarten

Rhyme Time Song Sing to the tune of the Adams Family Song Theres cat and hat, sat and bat, rat and mat the at family. Rhyme time snap, snap Rhyme time snap, snap Rhyme time, Rhyme time, Rhyme time snap, snap Super Duper snap, snap Peter Di Duper

snap, snap Super Duper, Peter Di Duper, Super Duper Planning Time You will count yourselves off 1-6 and plan a message together. With a book of your own or a book from the room. Your group will begin to create a message together using the planning template.

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