Making Money On the Sidelines: Package Your Passion

Making Money On the Sidelines: Package Your Passion

Making Money On the Sidelines: Package Your Passion AAPAR-AAHPERD Convention San Diego, CA 4.1.11 American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation (AAPAR Making Money on the Sidelines Mariah Burton Nelson

Presenters: JoAnne Owens-Nauslar [email protected] Lois Mauch [email protected]

Debby Mitchell [email protected] Martha Harris [email protected]

OBJECTIVE To provide participants with ideas, strategies, suggestions, and the inspiration to Package our Passion, and Make Money on the Sidelines Today at a glance

Introductions Information from each speaker about how they packaged their passion Chances to Move to Improve Opportunities to start your action plan Resources to help with the journey Question/Answer/Interaction Lois Mauch- Fargo, ND PASSION AAHPERD President Brad

Strand Fitness made simple Surgeon General Report Concepts of fitness/fitness education From Passion to Prospect The Fitness Education Pyramid (FEP) Keywords Partnership West Fargo, ND Resources

Mission Statement Our mission is to develop an educational tool for applying fitness concepts that teachers and students can easily understand. All students would be successful with the use of its application in obtaining their proper fitness zone. Students would be knowledgeable in how to obtain and maintain a health living style. Sales and Marketing

Easiest or most convenient! In bound marketing vs Out bound marketing In-Bound Marketing Get noticed by Google, Social Media and Blogs, By Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, Published by Wiley & Sons, Inc. Hoboken, NJ. 2010. Picture taken from

Connections! Like a good neighbor State Farm is there! TOYS Polar Walk4Life GEO Motion

P icture taken from Trust! High regard Trusted product or source CDC

Surgeon Generals Report Picture taken from Programs, Products, Services PECAT-CDC Curriculum Assessment and Development

Technology Applications for Assessments Resources for implementation of a viable and reliable curriculum Top 5 Recommendations

Start small grow BIG. Apply In-Bound Marketing Techniques Get noticed by Google, Social Networks and Blogs. Start with what you know well and can do best! Have Passion, Mission, Purpose and stay focused. Make it Professional! Dont give up your day job, yet. In-Bound Marketing Get noticed by Google, Social Media and Blogs, By Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, Published by Wiley & Sons, Inc. Hoboken, NJ. 2010. Thank you! Lois M. Mauch, MS [email protected]

GeoMotion Group Dr. Debby Mitchell We help educators who want to increase academic achievement and physical activity. We utilize movement and multi-sensory activities to enhance fitness, life-time wellness, and learning. Dr. Debby Mitchell President & Founder Associate Professor (retired 9/2010), Coordinator of

Sports & Fitness, University of Central Florida, Orlando Doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction Physical Education with emphasis in Early Childhood Taught for 35 years every age group Pre-K through Active Seniors Dr. Debby Mitchell Other Experiences

Taught physical education in elementary and junior high. Got my masters degree immediately after I graduated while teaching. Was a health education resource teacher for the County. Taught earth space science, physical science, and biology at

the junior high and high school level. Taught physical education and health at a community college. Was a volleyball official. Coached basketball, soccer, softball, and volleyball. Taught aerobics at local fitness facilities. Dr. Debby Mitchell Other Experiences

Wrote curriculum during summers for school district. Worked summer camps and after school programs. Started as an adjunct at UCF, went back to school for doctorate while working, and worked my way up until I was Coordinator of Program. Was a consultant for Polar. Started my own business, formally GeoFitness and now GeoMotion Group, Inc. Dr. Debby Mitchell Why the extras?

Not sure what causes the personality trait I always wanted to do more, push myself, push others, and have more impact for me it was never about the money My PASSION To get people moving, having fun, learning, building confidence and being healthier!!

WHY ?? OBESITY Why Start GeoMotion? I already had a career, family and a full life.

I came up with an idea of how to help children learn easier while moving and have fun at the same time. I had all kinds of excuses and reasons to NOT do anything - not enough time, not enough money, no business experience . BUT Many influential people in my life encouraged me. Now Im living my DREAM !! From Passion to Prospect GeoMotion Group, Inc.:

Means get the world moving also Geo from Geometric Shapes used in foundational moves We are an S Corporation Located in Orlando, Florida Once incorporated, I joined the UCF Technology Incubator. Mission GeoMotions goal is to get the world moving and physically active.

GeoMotion offers movement-based products and curriculum that are developmentally appropriate, easy to use, and cost effective to increase fitness and academic achievement. GeoMotion Group Product Lines Curriculum 1. 1. 2. GeoFitness - Focus on Fitness

Aerobics, Kickboxing, Functional Training, Circuit Activities & Games, & Athletic Training GeoDance Focus on Dance Childrens Choreography, Latin & Ballroom, Partner Dancing, & Hip Hop Learnercise Focus on Learning Phone, Clock, Nutrition Mats What do you want do do?

Determine what is your passion What do you want to do? May want to use a Benefit Centered Approach What is your unique value? Example: We work with children to increase academic performance and increase physical activity. I/We work help [target] who want to [benefit].

Write your own Power Statement Knowledge Needed If you want to start a business: What are the different types of businesses? When do you need a lawyer? (patents, trademarks, copyright)

Insurance Money management (terms & how to keep books, cash flow, profit margin) Knowledge Needed Understand trade shows Understand importing or manufacturing

How to get a prototype Shipping, warehousing, fulfillment HR details and how do you get benefits for employees Need to Develop

Concept Paper Elevator Speech Your Value Business Plan Budget

Marketing Plan Lessons Learned Be clear in your vision Know who is you audience what do they want Not everyone has the personality to be an

entrepreneur or work with a start-up business Surround yourself with people who can help you Lessons Learned Develop a relationship with your banker Everything needs to be in a contract or agreement

It takes a long time to see a profit Timing is important Customer Service is very important Dont promise what you cant deliver! Fizika Group, LLC Martha L. Harris, MPA President/Founder

Fizika Mission Fizika partners with world class firms in the health and physical education market to help educators and health advocates enhance their learning environment by harnessing the power of positive energy that comes with intentional physical activity. Fizika Passion

Motivate all children to learn through intentional physical activity inspired by my daughter Kathryn who has learning disabilities and few physical abilities Improve the quality and quantity of physical education worldwide Make PE more relevant and prevalent to todays technology driven kids and adults My Inspiration My 55 Year Journey

How did I get here? Overweight child 100 lbs in 5th grade Dropped athletics for drama Majored in drama in college Now I major in reinventing myself I pride myself on creating organizations that last due to their ability to meet pressing needs

My life as an entrepreneur First intern to work in TV as a college student at Dickinson College Covered the worlds first commercial nuclear plant accident (TMI) for CBS station in Harrisburg Launched a career in public service working for two governors and a US Senator

My life as an entrepreneur MPA Degree Harvard University Launched a regional economic development organization in Pittsburgh Created Pennsylvanias first business driven system for workforce investment Co-founded InnerLink developer of PE

Metrics Online Co-founder Fizika Group, LLC From Passion to Prospect Fizika Group, LLC Esperanto (def.) Physical activity, movement, measurement

Woman owned firm operated as a partnership with Michael Cordier, cofounder Lancaster, PA and Malabar, FL locations Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell Fizikas Straight As Approach Assess the quality of your PE program Advise on the acquisition of new

technology, curriculum, equipment that will help you achieve your goals Help secure grants to purchase products Provide professional development and training to ensure effective use Top 5 Recommendations Be Flexible Life Happens Be Consistent In Quality, Appearance and Performance Exceed customer expectations Build your brand Have fun! Aim so high you are never bored

Contact Information Martha L. Harris, MPA President, Fizika Group, LLC 314 W. Chestnut Street Lancaster, PA 17603 717-575-7465 [email protected] So What! Now What?

The fundamentals: Passion and purpose Join or start a team Find a business model Fiscal fitness: Money isnt everything, but it ranks up there with oxygen Scout and know the competition

So What! Now What? More Fundamentals: What is unique? How to sell:

Your product Yourself Elevator speech How to avoid pushy, greedy, & sleazy Referrals & testimonials American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation (AAPAR Making Money on the Sidelines Mariah Burton Nelson

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