Major Battles of WWII

Major Battles of WWII

Take out your shop assignment and answer the following questions. 1. Name 3 counties belonging to the Axis powers 2. Explain the Bataan Death March

3. Who is Rosie the Riveter 4. What were FDRs 4 freedoms? 5. Why do you think Japanese Americans were treated so poorly during WWII in the US?

Major Battles of WWII Direct Causes B. of Britain Stalingrad El Alamein D-Day B. of the Bulge

Countries Involved After Effects Vichy France France invaded by Germans and

quickly defeated in 1940 Germans take control over northern half of France (including Paris)

Loyal France forced south to form Vichy France Battle of Britain July-October 1940 Germany vs. Britain Luftwaffe vs. RAF

Battle for air supremacy Focus at first for Germans was English airfields Sept. Hitler switches concentration to London Battle of Britain

Starting Sept 7., 23 straight days of Luftwaffe bombing Air raid shelters, subways Late Sept. RAF begins attacking Berlin

Luftwaffe forced to retreat Planned invasion of Britain (Operation Sea Lion) postponed Battle of Britain 1st defeat of Hitler

British citizens band together in the effort to fight back against Nazis War shifted to the east Hitler believed that Britain is not surrendering because they hope Soviet soon in B. Of

Britain B. Of Stalingrad El Alamein B. Of the Bulge Direct Causes Countries Involved

After Effects Desire of the Luftwaffe to gain air supremacy over the RAF Germany and Britain

-British Victory -1st military defeat of Hitler -Britain citizens band together Operation Barbarossa

Hitler turns his attention to Soviet Union Establishes the largest army in Germany history to invade SU June 1941- German invasion on SU Stalin upset over Hitler breaking N-A Pact

By the beginning of July the SU air force is destroyed End of 1941- 3.35 million Soviet POWs Operation Barbarossa German army enjoys much success in invading the SU

3.9 million Soviet POWS, 2.8 million Soviets dead by 1942 Key to invasion- Defeat enemy quickly because the Nazis are not prepared for a Soviet winter

Battle of Stalingrad Hitler believes that the knock out blow to the SU would be if the Nazi army could take over city of Stalingrad Stalingrad is out of the way of Nazi path but they are able to

reach the city of August of 1942 Battle of Stalingrad Scorch the Earth Policy: Soviets burn everything in their path so the Germans cannot use it on their retreat back to Stalingrad

Stalin demands a Soviet stand at Stalingrad Stalin plays on the hatred of the Germans as motivation to stand and fight Battle of Stalingrad By late 1942, German army has taken over 90% of the city

Axis army weak on the flanks Protected by Italians and Romanians Only Soviet chance of victory is to attack the weakened flanks Battle of Stalingrad November 19, 1942- Soviets launch attack on flanks

Nov. 23- Soviet army meets in the middle and now encircles German army Hitler orders his generals not to surrender Battle of Stalingrad

January 1943- German general Paulus is forced to surrender 23 generals also 850,000 Axis casualties 1.1 million Soviet Turning point in the war Soviet now able to regroup and

launch attack into Germany Direct Causes Countries Involved After Effects Hitlers

desire to take key Soviet city Germany -Bloodiest B. Of Britain B of Stalingrad

El Alamein B of the Bulge Soviet Union battle in the war -Soviets drive

Germany out of SU -Turning point in the war North Africa Sept. 1940- Italian army (250,000) sent to attack British (30,000) in Egypt

British forces Italians back Hitler sends best General (Erwin Rommel) down to Africa to aid the Italians Able to push British back El Alamein Winston Churchill names Bernard

Montgomery as general in Africa Makes a stand against the Germans at El Alamein Battle of supplies, not strategy Allied reinforcements land in Morocco Operation Torch El Alamein

Germans are overpowered by November 1942 and defeated Germans best general is now trapped in Africa Allies now focus an attack on Southern Italy to break into Europe

Direct Causes Countries Involved After Effects -Cut

-Italy -Italy B of Britain B of Stalingrad El Alamein B of the Bulge

supplies off to Italy -Take Italy out of the war and Germany -Britain and US is out of the war

-German troops stuck in Africa -Allied Victory Italian Invasion 1943 Italian Invasion July 1943- Allies arrive in Sicily Hoping this would be a 2 week campaign

38 Days, 500,000 casualties Hitler sends army to retrieve Mussolini before he is captured and more troops to set up blockade against Allied advance Italian Invasion By January 1944, Allied and German forces stuck in a stalemate in Italy

Mussolini is captured while trying to flee into Germany Strung up naked, upside down on display in a major Italian city as an example Allied focus now becomes Northern France as a break-in point in Europe

D-Day Preparation With the Soviets attacking Germany in the East and the invasion in S. Italy, Allies now wish to launch attack in West and get back into France

Allies commanders choose Normandy, France as the landing spot Wide beaches D-Day Preparation Beaches 60 miles broken into 5 divisions Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, Sword

Germany is planning for the attack and begins reinforcing France Belief that this offensive will determine the war S. England turned into military base D-Day Tactics

False information is fed to Germans Landing place was at Calais Bombing was heavy at Calais site Fake bodies were dropped in Normandy Germans fall for the trap and prepare for attack at Calais D-Day Invasion

th June 6 1944 Original date- June 5, 1944 Postponed due to weather Paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines on June 6th Unsuccessful- many captured/died

D-Day Struggle to break into France succeeds as Allies take control on June 12th More troops are sent in to keep the Germans out of area and to

continue the build up of troops D-Day Effects Nazis are pushed out of France for 1st time since 1940 Germany is once again

surrounded by enemies and Nazis are losing confidence Assassination attempt on Hitler Von Stauffenberg Hitler plans one final

offensive to try and get France back Direct Causes Countries Involved After Effects

-US -- -Allies B of Britain B of Stalingrad D-Day B of the Bulge

and Britain need to break into Europe -Normandy, France Britain -US -Germany successfully

break in -Attack on Germany coming soon Battle of the Bulge Dec. 16, 1944 200,000 Nazi troops surprise attack Allied troops in Belgium Allied pushed back immediately

Nazi troops run into heavy tanks regiment in the middle of Allied lines and are stopped Bulge created in the lines By Feb. the Nazis are unable advance any further because they ran out of gas Effects of B of the Bulge

19,000 American casualties Final German offensive Allied launch attack into Germany surrounding Berlin

Soviets on the other side, Allies coming from the South as well Direct Causes Countries Involved After Effects

Final Nazi offensive to take back France US, Britain -19,000 Britain

Stalingrad El Alamein Bulge Germany Americans dead -Germany near defeat

End of European Fighting March 1945- Allied troops marching towards Berlin Late March- FDR dies, Truman takes over as President

Death of Hitler April 29th, 1945 Trapped in a bunker under Berlin, Hitler dictates his last testament Blames generals for defeat, the war on global Jewery Marries Eva Braun Receives news that Mussolini is dead

April 30th Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide (poison and gun shot) Bodies are set on fire to prevent them from being taken by the Allies May 6th Germany surrenders

V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day) Concentration Camps Once Germany is defeated, Allied troops raid Germany cities to find concentration camps 6 Million Jews killed

in Holocaust Also: gypsies, homosexuals, Soviets, Poles, mentally ill Nuremberg Trials Geneva Convention International Laws dictating treatment of prisoners of war

German officers brought to trial over GC violations Many convicted and either executed or given long jail sentences Hermann Goering

Senior Nazi War Officer Adolf Eichmann Concentration Camp Leade Read Ch.24-4, pg.828 Define Nuremberg Laws Genocide War Refugee Board

Section Review #4 Riddle Me This What was the major cause of the Battle of Britain? What was the eventual outcome of this battle?

Why was the Battle of Stalingrad fought? How did the outcome of the battle effect the Nazi military?

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