Lyric Poetry - Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

Lyric Poetry - Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

Lyric Poetry An introduction with a romanticism twist Song lyrics On a separate sheet, write down your favorite song lyric (if it is explicit, make sure you use *** to indicate that). In about a sentence, explain what is so appealing to you about that song lyric. What is Lyric Poetry?

Lyric poetry expresses the personal thoughts and feelings of a single speaker. Have a melodious, song like structure Use imagery, sound devices, and figurative language Poetry . . . is. . . a speaking picture . . . Sir Philip Sidney Figurative Language Simile: comparing two apparently unlike things, using like or as

Metaphor: comparing two apparently unlike things without using like or as Personification: giving human traits to something nonhuman Oxymoron: juxtaposing two opposite or contradictory words that reveal an interesting truth Sound Devices Repetition: repeated use of sounds, words, phrases, or sentences. Poets use repetition for emphasis as well as

to create a musical effect. There are three popular devices that rely on repetition: Alliteration: The fair breeze the white repetitionfiend ofblew, initial consonant sounds foal

a frightful / Doth close The western wave was all Consonance:

repetition of final consonant sounds With heavy thump, a lifeless flew

behind Assonance: repetition of similar vowel sounds aflame. Rhyme:lump, repetition of sounds at the ends of words. End rhyme is the most common type of rhyme, which occurs when rhyming words appear at the ends of lines. Internal rhyme occurs when rhyming words appear within the same line.

Onomatopoeia: use of words that imitate soundsfor example, words like ring, boom, and growl. Lyrical Ballads Poetry is. is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. Coleridge and Wordsworth

Ignoring the love element for a moment What makes this line romantic? Focus on individual emotion Comparison and link to nature My love for you is like a red, red, rose The Natural Element

Comparisons are often made to nature why? Nature a creative and controlling force in the universe An inner force or the sum of such forces in an individual. Okay, so what makes it Lyrical? Expresses the thoughts and emotions of one speaker MY

First person Words and emotions create the tone of the poem What is the tone? What techniques are used? Simile or Metaphor? Imagery? Alliteration? Rhyme?

What words are used? Love Red Rose COMPARISON LOVE ROSE

Can you replace any of the words and achieve the same effect? Yellow, white, pink? Tulip, daffodil, lily? Like, hate, tolerate? Sohow do words hold power? Explain. A Red, Red Rose

Robert Burns Listen to the poem Identify the techniques used to make the musical quality. Now, Listen to the musical tune Burns poem as an old Scottish ballad.

Is it what you expected? Explain. Does the tone change when music is added? Explain. GUESS WHAT! Now you get to practice using words with power! Yahoooooooo! Step 1: Fill in the following sentence stem choosing appropriate words to go in the

blanks My _________ for ___________ is like a(n) (emotion) _________ __________. (adjective) (noun from nature) (noun)

STEP 2: You can either Write a 4 line poem and a 2-3 sentence interpretation of your poem using vocabulary related to romanticism Write an 8 line poem using at least 2 sound devices.

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