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KFS Brown Bag Series Wednesday October 16, 2013 12:00 1:00 pm 6137 McKeldin Library Objectives Objectives Understand how campus training will work View the Training website Learn how to register for a class Learn how to view KFS Online Tutorials using the UPK Player

Contact us at [email protected] 2 KFS Training Overview Training Overview Train the Trainer (T3) 32 trainers have been identified across multiple departments/colleges Trainers are participating in learning a variety of KFS modules Trainers learn how to teach through attending an adult education course, attending the KFS training, and receive coaching sessions through teach backs Campus Training Campus users will have access to online tutorials, printed PDF training manuals, and instructor-led training sessions. Online tutorials will be accessed using the UPK Player hosted on the web

server 11 different instructor led courses will be available to campus Contact us at [email protected] 3 KFS Training Overview Instructor Led Training Key Features The ratio of 1:15 instructor: participants will be used. Each workshop will consist of a step-by-step training manual and supporting documentation. Prior to registration please get authorization to attend classroom training from your supervisor. 4

KFS Curriculum Map Curriculum Mapping Results KFS Fundamentals KFS Basics KFS-101 2.0 hours KFS-100 1.5 hour Document Approver KFS-102 1.5 hours COA Basics COA-101

3.0 hours COA Intermediate COA- 200 1.5 hours Financial Processing Basics Requisition Basics Financial Processing Intermediate Vendor and

DV Basics FIN-101 2.5 hours FIN-200 1.5 hours PUR-101 2.5 hours Labor Ledger LBR-101 1.5 hours CAM Basics CAM-101 2.5 hours

PUR-102 2.5 hours Requisition for Assets Basics PUR-103 1.5 hours Contact us at [email protected] = Doc Approver = KFS Prerequisite = Chart of Accounts = Labor = Financial Processing = Purchasing = Capital Asset

Management 5 Training Registration 6 KFS Website Tour http://kualifinancial.umd.edu/KFS/kfs-registration-all1.html 7 KFS Training Facilities Where will training be held? Contact us at [email protected]

8 KFS Training Delivery Methods User Productivity Kit (UPK) Online Tutorials Key Features Online Tutorials provide a self-paced learning guide. All users will be required to take the Online Fundamentals prerequisite. 24/7 access to learning content. Training is delivered just-in-time. Provides users with a flexible training schedule. Please Note. Firefox Browser is the only supported browser for KFS and KFS Training and must be installed before you run UPK tutorials (The UPK Player will only work properly on the Firefox platform, Internet Explorer will not work) - contact your local IT to install Firefox if you do not currently have it loaded 9

Training Online Tutorials KFS Online Tutorials 10 KFS Online Training Tutorials Tou https://login.umd.edu/cas/login?service=http:// kualifinancial.umd.edu/UMD_UPK/index.html 11 Training Delivery Methods Drop-In Working Labs Key Features Provides a one to one learning environment. Allows the trainer/facilitator to provide more focused attention to each individual. Focuses on a specific task and allows user to take refresher courses when needed. Does not require a lot of preparation time.

Allows users to bring in assignments to work on with someone who knows the process on-hand. Dates and Times TBD Will be held at the Patapsco Building room 2111 KFS Training Brown Bag/Sessions Key Features Focuses one topic at a time. Provides a fast refresher course to individuals who have already attended training. Does not require a lot of preparation time. Does not require use of a training lab nor computers. Dates and Times TBD Locations TBD 12 KFS User Profile The following guidance will help you make a decision on who will need access to KFS, and who will need to participate in training, or not: You WILL need access to KFS and will participate

in KFS training if you execute any the following activities today: You verify Receiving for Goods or Services purchases You submit or approve Paper Requisitions You enter or process Journal Vouchers You request Accounts to be created You process Payroll Transfers You create/enter or approve ELF Small Procurement forms, Master Contracts, and/or Miscellaneous Payment Requests You create or maintain Vendors You look up Payments and Purchase Orders through ProWeb You work in FFX for Capital Asset Management You will NOT need access to KFS or need KFS training if your system activities are limited ONLY to one or all of the following transactions

today: You only enter timesheets You only utilize the Cash Management /Bursar systems You only interact with the SAR Student system You only enter Travel & Expense in the system today - PCards or Tcards

You only view/download Reports through FRS Web 13 Top 5 Frequently Asked Question 1. Im not sure if I need to attend training, how should I confirm? To determine if you are going to be a KFS User and will require training, please refer to the KFS User Profile, posted on the KFS Website under the Training tab or click on the link @ http://kualifinancial.umd.edu/KFS/HowKFSWillImpactMe.jpg. Please also verify with your Unit Liaison if you still have questions, and confirm with your supervisor before signing up for class. 2. I signed up for the wrong training session. How do I cancel

and reschedule my training? Send an email to the KFS mailbox at [email protected] and type Training cancellation in the Subject line. The KFS Training group will cancel your session for you and send you a confirmation when you can reschedule. 14 Top 5 Frequently Asked Question 3. What browser should I use to launch KFS online training and to transact in KFS? Mozilla Firefox is the only supported browser for KFS. While you may be able to launch KFS or the UPK Player in another browser, the results will be inconsistent and unpredictable. Contact your local IT support to download a free version of the browser. 4.

I cannot find the KFS Fundamentals course that has to be completed before I attend training. How do I launch and run a UPK online course? Click on the link: http://kualifinancial.umd.edu/UPK/upk_login.html Once you have signed in using your Directory ID and Password, click on the '+' sign to the left of the KFS Fundamentals Book. 15 Top 5 Frequently Asked Question 5. I have attended many of the KFS Brown Bag sessions and/or reviewed the recordings. Do I still have to attend training? Yes. The KFS Brown Bag sessions are informational sessions about the project and the system. While these sessions provide insight and preview of functionality in the system, they are not structured as formal training that will enable you to transact in the system. 16

QUESTIONS? Contact us at [email protected] 17 Brown Bag Series Dates The Kuali Financial System (KFS) will replace FRS in 2014. If you are a current user of FRS and would like to know more about how KFS will change financial processing for the university, join us for the KFS Brown Bag Series. These informal one-hour sessions will be held every other Wednesday and will feature knowledgeable VPAF representatives talking about key features of KFS. July 17th, 2013 KFS Reporting July 31st, 2013 KFS Reporting August 14th, 2013 KFS What about Training? August 28th, 2013 KFS Internal Billing September 4th, 2013 What is KFS and why are we doing it now? September 18th, 2013 - KFS Requisitions October 2nd, 2013 Labor Distribution and Preparation of Salary October 16th, 2013 KFS What about Training?

October 23rd , 2013 KFS Reporting https:// www1.gotomeeting.com/register/645240417 All meetings are scheduled from 121:00 pm and, if not otherwise noted, will be held in 6137 McKeldin Library* As dates, locations and topics may change, please check the website for the latest information Contact us at [email protected] For more information on KFS and to view past Brown Bag Recordings: Check out updates to the KFS website http://kualifinancial.umd.edu/KFS/ Contact us at [email protected]

19 Contact Us additional information regarding this presentation, please cont John Farley KFS Training (301) 405 2546 (301) 405-3020 [email protected] [email protected] THANK YOU FOR

ATTENDING TODAY! Contact us at [email protected] 20

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