LSR/LIM (Liquid Silicone Rubber /Liquid Injection ... - NPI Med

LSR/LIM (Liquid Silicone Rubber /Liquid Injection ... - NPI Med

LIQUID SILICONE RUBBER & THERMOPLASTIC ELASTOMERS 2 LSR/LIM (Liquid Silicone Rubber /Liquid Injection Molding) LSRs developed in early 1970s, and in the late 1970s a pumpable silicone rubber was developed and available to fabricators. Raw Material comes from one of earths elements- Silicon (a ROCK). Liquid Injection Molded Liquid Silicone Rubbers involves lower viscosity two component flowable pastes with typical viscosities from 10,000 to 1,000,000 cps. Two components (A & B) are kept separate and have extended shelf lives (6-months to years) if kept in closed containers. RTVs and LIM are part of NPI core technology. 3

5 Silicone Families 1. RTVs (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) 2. Silanes and Coatings 3. Silicone Fluids 4. Silicone Sealants 5. Silicone Elastomers (LSR/LIM) 4 Types of LSR Medical LSR

FDA Regulated Critical long term implants More than 29-day contact Qualified lot-to-lot testing Tested by material suppliers & manufacturers Health Care LSR Class VI Elastomers Injection Moldable Medical devices, wound care, body contact & Implantation up to 29-days Dow Corning C6 and Q7, NuSil MED and many others High End LSR Fluorosilicone Injection moldable, underhood applications

Withstand hot oils contact Dow Corning FL - 40, Wacher FLR & others Optical LSR LED, Solar, focusing optics Castable, pourable, compression moldable, barely injection moldable Encapsulant Excellent for high heat, resists UV 5 Part A + Part B Kit Sizes

55-Gallon Drums 5-Gallon Pails Gallons, Quarts and pints. Side by Side Cartridge sets. Non 1:1 Ratio (100:1 to 1:100) Mixing/ Feeding Systems 55 Gallon Drum Pump 5 Gallon Pump Cartridge Pump Prototype Mixing System 6 LSR Molds

1. Prototype - NPI: Custom heated master frame and insert system Vacuum venting is standard, plaque mold - Kipe Frame: Custom heated master frame & insert system build by KIPE Molds. Vacuum venting is possible M.U.D. (Master Unit Die) Built from standard size components purchased from catalogs Vacuum venting only with difficulty Not flash free & requires trimming 2. Production - Runnerless :Uses pneumatic valvegate - Vacuum venting standard (if required) 7

LSR Molding- 55 Ton Horizontal 12 X 14Maximum molding surface (parts must be smaller) 15 & 20mm Barrels Vacuum Venting option on one machine Easily converts to either Thermoplastic or Thermoset LSR Two machines, both with robots 8 LSR v. TPE

4 Families of TPEs TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin)- Renflux SBC (Styrene Block Co-polymer)- Krayton TVP (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate)- Santoprene E-TPE (Co-polyester Thermoplastic Elastomer)- Hytrel, Arnitel Blend of plastics and rubbers. Melt process- (add heat to soften, form and then cool to remove part).

Limitations: - Not for high heat or extreme cold applications - Not inherently UV stable - Need to follow conventional good plastic part design guidelines Advantages: Reasonable wall thicknesses Cored uniform wall thickness No sharp corners Gradual transition from thick to thin thickness 9 LSR 5 Families of LSR Commercial- Silastic RBL-2004, KEG-2000, LR-3003

Healthcare- C6-XXXX, Q7-XXXX Medical-MED-XXXX High End- FL 40-9201 Optical- OE-6003, SR-7010, SCR-5001L-2 Thermoset: Mix & keep cool Heat and time determine cure Inject to form and heat to cure the part; temperature, part thickness, and time determine cycle Material crosslink's, heat accelerates the process Standard and custom colors readily available Advantages: Heat and cold resistant UV stable; good for outdoor applications Can form thick wall sections and abrupt wall thickness transitions 10

Key Terms Elastomer- is a Polymer with the property of Elasticity- generally having notably low Stiffness and high flexibility compared with other materials. TPEs, LSRs and Rubbers are all Elastomers. Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) are similar to plastics- akin to softening butter. Should be defined by brand and grade (i.e. QST Monprene MP-2730, color Optional). LSR is a thermoset Elastomer should be defined by group and hardness (i.e. Commercial 60 shore A) and ideally by brand (Momentive, Dow Corning, Wacker, ShinEtsu), and Grade Number (KEG-2000 60 Shore A). 11

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