Living Things - Sacred Heart Science

Living Things - Sacred Heart Science

Plants Table of Contents What Is a Plant? Classifying Plants Plant Structures Plant Reproduction Plant Responses and Growth

Plants in Everyday Life What Is a Plant? Plant Cells How does having cell walls affect a plant's ability to grow?

What Is a Plant? Getting Water in the Desert Saguaro roots spread horizontally and quickly absorb water from a wide area. The Acacia tree gets its water from deep in the ground. How

are its roots different? What Is a Plant? This graph shows how much water a plant loses during the day. What would be a good title for the graph?

Classifying Plants Moss Structure Moss grows a long, slender stalk with a capsule at the end that contains

spores for reproduction. Rootlike rhizoids anchor the moss and absorb water and nutrients.

Classifying Plants Nonvascular Plants Complete the table. Classifying Plants Fern Structure Like other plants, ferns have roots, stems, and leaves.

Classifying Plants Monocots and Dicots Classifying Plants Major Groups of Known Plants

Plant Structures Root Structure Roots have many structures. Plant Structures

Stem Structure The woody stem of a tree contains many different structures. What are the active xylem and phloem on the tree trunk? Plant Structures Leaf Structure

Each structure helps a leaf produce food. Plant Structures Stomata Stomata can slow water loss. Plant Structures

Story of a Seed Which is the seeds embryo, cotyledons, and seed coat on the diagram? Stem and root

Stored Food Plant Structures Structures of a Typical Flower Plant Reproduction

Plant Life Cycle All plants go through two stages in their life cycle. Which are the sporophyte and gametophyte

stages? Plant Reproduction Gymnosperm Reproduction Cycle

Explain the steps of pollination and fertilization in the cycle. Plant Reproduction

Angiosperm Reproduction Reproduction in angiosperms begins with flowers. Plant Reproduction

Flower to Fruit What is the correct order of progression of flower to fruit? Plant Responses and Growth Plant Responses to Stimuli

The stimuli in space are not always the same as those on Earth. Plant Responses and Growth

Light All plants exhibit a response to light called phototropism. Plant Responses and Growth

Photoperiodism Flowering plants can be grouped as short-day plants, long-day plants, and dayneutral plants.

Plant Responses and Growth The graph shows how many seeds germinated over time at each temperature. Plant Responses and Growth Roving for Life in Space The rover has found three

living things and one of them is a plant. Which sample is that plant? Plants in Everyday Life The Role of Plants in an

Ecosystem What are two other roles that an oak tree serves for living or nonliving things?

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