Living Things - Ms. Bertrand

Living Things - Ms. Bertrand

Properties and Changes of Matter Table of Contents Measuring Matter Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter Physical and Chemical Changes Measuring Matter Measuring Weight Use the weight of the first scale to estimate the

weight of the fish on the other scales. Measuring Matter Measuring Mass What is the mass of each object, measured in kilograms? Measuring Matter

Calculating Volume What is the volume of the suitcase? Measuring Matter Measuring Irregular Objects One way to measure the

volume of an irregular object is to submerge it in liquid in a graduated cylinder. Measuring Matter Density Liquids can form layers

based on density. Which colored layer of liquid represents Water: 1.g/ml, Honey: 1.36 g/ml, Dish Soap: 1.03 g/ml, Corn Syrup: 1.33 g/ml, Vegetable oil: 0.91 g/ml?

Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter Identify the physical property that is in use in this image of a bicycle spring. Why is it important that the material around wire be made of a substance other than a metal? Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter

Indiana Jane and the Investigation of Matter Indiana Jane is hunting for lost treasures of matter. Metal pot Field notes: Ive come across some ancient iron pots. They look like theyve changed from so many years of being exposed

to the air. IJ Yellowed, torn map Field notes: The paper of this ancient map has survived over time, including a fire, which seems to have burned its edges. IJ Physical and Chemical Changes

Examples of Chemical Change

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