LITTLE BRITAIN A parody to Great Britain fish & chips humour pop-culture VICKY POLLARD DAFFYD THOMAS BBC


tea at 5 JASON EMILY HOWARD Aristocra cy / upper social class The main actors: David Walliams & Matt Lucas

Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Little Britain abroad Little Britain live CHARACTERS The voice-over Andy & Lou Daffyd Thomas Carol Beer

Majorie Dawes Vicky Pollard Sebastian Love & Prime Minister Ting Tong & Mr. Dudley Mr. Mann & Roy Sir Norman Fry Raiff & Sandra Patterson THE VOICE-OVER

Begins each episode with Britain, Britain, Britain... Nonsense comments about Britain, its people, culture and history. False time expressions: its five past Alberto, at Hillary oclock. Mispronounces Good bye at the end. (good bike) Narrator.mpg Were going to focus on three groups of characters:

- Andy and Lou - Carol Beer - Sebastian and the Prime Minister Andy and Lou Andy Lou Thinks Andy needs help and does all the best for his friend. USUALLY SAYS LOU HAS DEEP

IDEAS You are against plastic surgery, you said the cosmetic surgery was symptom of a sick society that worships youth and beauty Extremely selfish. Makes everything as difficult as possible for Lou.

CATCHPHRASE S Yeah, I know I want that one I dont like it Monster trucks 1) Episode patterns: Andy has Lou go through some great hassle for him ( go swimming into the swimming pool or into the see, go upstairs, go to the toilet, go ice skating...)

2) Andy makes an arbitrary decision about something, in spite of Lou's best advice that it's a bad choice. ( which film to see, which colour to paint Andys room, which ice to buy, what to do in the free time, what clothes are appropiate to go to the church or to the restaurant...) Andy and Lou on a tv-contest CAROL BEER Computer

says no... Carol Beer in Spain SEBASTIAN & PM CATCHPHRASE S Yes, Prime Minister. Whatever Id like, youll be Prime Minister forever. You are beautiful, no

matter, what they say. Discuss in groups: Is Little Britain a new type of British humour? Little Britain USA. How is it going to be? (starts filming March 2008). Think of other popular British comedy

series (Mr Bean, Benny Hills show, etc). Which one do you prefer? The British are good at laughing at themselves, what about the Americans? How about you country? Wed like to dedicate this episode to Matt Lucas and David Walliams, which are unfortunately still with us Narrator

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