Life Science and Chemical Analysis

Life Science and Chemical Analysis

Agilent Technologies Life Science & Chemical Analysis Data Management Solutions Dan Shaffer Network Data System Technical Specialist [email protected] Agilents Profile Life Sciences & Test and Analysis Chem. Semiconductor Automated Measurement Technology innovatorTest Products Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis Focus on communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis markets

Genetic solutions Leader in multiple market categories Gene expression and proteomics $2.6B* Strong customer relationships Drug discovery $1.6B $0.7B* $1.1B Global presence and scale Diagnostics and treatment Agilent Laboratories management Focus on informationteam and analysis Experienced Growth in emerging markets Pressure to reduce pharmaceutical costs Agilent Solutions Cerit y Enterprise Business

Applications LIMS System & ChemStation Plus Manufacturin g System Agilents Focus: Chromatography data management Networked Data Systems Instrument Control Scaleable client / server architecture Level 4 instrument control Oracle technology Open System Connectivity 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Services Cerity Open Systems Architecture Pharma QC 2D Pharma QC 3D Pharma Dev.

User Interfaces Data Entry Method Automation Results Review Laboratory Specific Applications ts c u d o Pr Data Analysis Reporting Cerity Middleware Co m Analysis Scheduling Level 4 Instr. Control Data Management po ne

Security Services nt s Cerity Specific Interfaces Standard Interfaces Windows 2000/XP TCP/IP DCOM RDBMS Industry Standard Software Open Systems Interfaces (XML) ERP LIMS Data Viewers KMS Oracle Features Used Today & How Oracle Standard Edition (bundled) for data organization and management BLOBs in Oracle tables (Oracle 9i) Oracle Failsafe (cluster configurations only)

Oracle Oracle MTS (Multithreaded Server) better resource management for large systems >100 users RMAN Backup/Recovery Oracle Benefits Oracle database Best tool to address customers advanced compliance needs Data availability and security Administrative tools Can be easily integrated into application software Oracle Partnership Defacto standard in the industry World wide availability World wide support and consulting available

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