Life in Elizabethan England - Weebly

Life in Elizabethan England - Weebly

Life in Elizabethan England The Reign of the Virgin Queen Queen Elizabeth Also known as The Virgin Queen Last monarch of the Tudor Dynasty Daughter of Henry

and Ann Boleyn Declared illegitimate by her father after her mother was beheaded Early Life She lived with her governess until the

age of 9. After her fathers death, she moved in with Catherine Parr (Henry VIIIs last wife) and her new husband Thomas Seymour Seymour began sexual taunts of Elizabeth

Elizabeth vs. Mary After Edward died, succession to the thone was not given to either Elizabeth or Mary. He declared his thrown to Lady Jane Grey (Henry VIIIs neice) She was overthrown nine days later by Mary, with Elizabeth right at her side. Mary and Elizabeth did not remain allies for long. Mary was Catholic and Elizabeth was Protestant. Mary ordered everyone in the kingdom must attend

Catholic mass and Elizabeth had to conform. Mary announced she was going to marry Prince Phillip of Spain and a Catholic Early Life Seymours sexual advances continued for more than a year. Parr did not stop them she even participated in them.

Elizabeth was only sent away after Parr caught Elizabeth and Seymour embracing. Parr died in childbirth, and Seymour began a systematic campaign to get Elizabeth back. Seymour was arrested by Edward on suspicion of attempting to overthrow the king (by marrying his sister) and beheaded in 1549. The Battle for Queen The people of England looked to Elizabeth to save

them from Marys religious policies. Elizabeth led Wyatts rebellion in 1554, but it was suppressed. Elizabeth was captured and imprisoned in the Tower of London. Ultimately, Elizabeth was spared because of popular demand and lack of evidence. Mary and Phillip made a deal they agreed to name Elizabeth heir, if they ended up having no children. Mary became ill and Elizabeth became queen

upon her death. Queen Elizabeth I Sought to control the Catholics while reforming the country back to Protestantism. Worked with

Parliament Tried to unite the two religions Virgin for a Reason? Immediately after becoming queen, people started speculating on her marriage. She never

married. She was in love with Robert Dudley, but he was married. His wife died of a fall down the stairs and many suspected him of killing her for the Queen. Dudley and Elizabeth had a flirtatious affair for years

Many Suitors Throughout her reign, Elizabeth had many suitors. She never agreed to marry anyonewhy? Out of love for Dudley? Because of the abuse of Seymour? For political strategy? Ultimately, the reason is unknown and is

probably a combination of all these factors. Virgin Inspiration Elizabeths virginity inspired a cult of virgin proper woman. This model was inspiration in literature and in art.

Elizabeth always claimed that she was married to her people Elizabeths Fame Elizabeth inspired The defeat of the Spanish Armada (Sir Francis Drake) Establishment of the Church of England Elizabethan Poetry, Plays, Art (Shakespeare

and Marlowe) Elizabethan Life Considered the Golden Age in English history England was a wealthy country compared to the other countries in Europe, largely because of the peace in the kingdom (protestants and catholics) Colonizing the New World allowed many to have a romantic ideal of life during this time the

possibilities were endless. Age of Exploration- many seafarers set out to explore new territory Education became possible for nobility men and women- new to Europe Plentiful food and culture- even for the poor Sports and Entertainment Annual Fairs like May Day Plays

Joust and Tournaments Archery, bowling, dice, cards games Bear baiting, cock fighting Hunting Hawking Holidays: Valentines Day, Ash Wednesday, Midsummer Festival, All Hallows Eve, Twelve Days of Christmas

Elizabethan Life- Banquets Bear Baiting Elizabethan Dress Daily Life Daily Life

James I Succeeded Elizabeth in the crown of England (she was the last of the Tudors) He was King of Scotland. He became King of Scotland at

13 months old. By assuming the crown of England, he united the two countries. James I He was obsessed with witchcraft and began the witch hunt phenomena.

He was king and literary patron to Shakespeare. Authorized the creation of the King James Bible He was responsible for the colonization of North America and the founder of Jamestown, Va.

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