Legislative Update NPAIHB Quarterly Board Meeting Thunder ...

Legislative Update NPAIHB Quarterly Board Meeting Thunder ...

Legislative & Policy Update NW Portland Area Indian Health Board Quarterly Board Meeting Hosed by Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla October 23, 2015 1 Report Overview 1. Appropriations Update & Continuing Resolution 2. Contract Support Cost Updates 3. Indian Health Legislation in 114th Congress

4. 100% FMAP & TTAG Updates 5. HRSA 340(b) Regulation FY 2016 Continuing Resolution FY 2016 President Request $460 million increase House bill is $315 less than Presidents Request 3.1% Senate bill is $324 million less than Presidents Request 2.9% $8.6 million difference with House mark higher Senate provides $17 million increase for H&C accounts while House provides $78 million Senate provides $61 million for Facilities accounts, while House provides $6 million

Congress passed CR through 12/11/2015 for twelve regular appropriation bills CR funds @ 2015 levels; less a .2018% across the board decrease FY 2017 Budget Requst Discussion at TSGAC Meeting with IHS Deputy Director Positive developments for the FY 2017 budget Full funding for current services and contract support costs may be possible HHS Secretary Burwell took took our proposals to heart

Emphasis on behavioral health and suicide prevention Indian Legislative Bills in 114th Congress S. 286 Department of Interior Tribal SelfGovernance Act of 2015 Introduced by Sen. John Barasso; Co-sponsors include Senators Tester, Murkowski, Crapo, Schatz, Franken Amends Title IV of of ISDEAA to make it consistent with Title VI, the Self-Governance Program for HHS Creates the same administrative efficiencies for DOI that have been in place for HHS programs. Sen. McCain Amendments cause alarm going to mark-up but were withdrawn and had to do with OIG Alert to Tribes on the use of

ISDEAA and 3rd Party Funds S. 286 passed Senate by Unanimous Consent and has now been sent to the House for consideration Title IV Task Force is trying to find a primary sponsor in the House Indian Legislative Bills in 114th Congress Senate bill Exempts Tribal Programs from Sequestration S. 1497 would exempt IHS, BIA, HUD and other Indian programs from sequestration required under the Budget Control Act of 2011 Introduced by Sen. Tester (MT); only one cosponsor Sen. Udall (NM) House bill Exempts Tribal Programs from Sequestration H.R. 3063 same companion bill to S. 1497

Introduced by Rep. Young (AK); Co-sponsors include Representatives Cole (OK), Ruiz (CA), McCollum (MN) Both bills referred to Budget Committees Likely to die in Committee Likely best chance to avoid sequester for Indian programs is language in specific appropriations (Interior, HUD, LaborHHS) NCAI Analysis of Budget Trends Indian Legislative Bills in 114th Congress Exemption from ACA Employer Mandate (Shared Responsibility)

Tribal Jobs Employment and Protection Act S. 1771 Introduced by Sen. Daines (MT); Cosponsors Senators Crapo (ID) and Thune (SD) H.R. 3080 introduced by Rep. Noem (SD); Cosponsors Representatives Cole (OK) and Zinke (SD) Senate bill referred to Finance; House bill referred to Ways & Means Cadillac Tax amendment? If passed what will the President do? Indian Legislative Bills in 114th Congress S. 1964 Family Stability and Family Kinship Act of 2015 Introduced by Sen. Wyden; Co-sponsors Sen. Bennett, Brown, Cantwell, Casey, Gillbrand, Menendez, Schumer, Stabenow, Warner

Reforms the federal finance system supporting state and child welfare services Funds preventive services and kinship placements for children at risk of foster placement Current law creates incentives to place Indian children outside of families in order to receive federal funding Encourages child welfare system to forego alternatives to prevent breakup of families like parent training, mental health counseling, trauma recovery, etc. Legislative Issues in the 114th Congress

Employer Mandate Advance Appropriations SDPI Reauthorization IHCIA Technical Amendments Medicare-like Rates for outpatient services Contract Support Costs mandatory funding and reconciliation language

Contract Support Cost Update IHS Continues to revisit CSC negotiated amounts using a cost incurred approach more than a year or more later BIA does not follow the same method why does IHS? IHS advises that it must verify that CSC is being paid on the correct amount and cost-incurred (audit) is the only way to do this IHS Past Years Claims Agency want to settle by end of this year Revised CSC Policies: BIA has completed a revised policy; IHS should have a draft available soon for reivew Fixed Rates

OMB should bring IHS and BIA CSC Workgroups together to align the issues and resulting policies Contract Support Cost Update CSC Appropriations in FY 2016 and potential sequester Congress and Administration have established a policy to fully fund CSC requirements In event of FY 2016 year long CR; or sequester if CSC is not adequate IHS will likely reprogram funds FY 2016 CR is approximately $55 million short of fully funding CSC requirements A potential 2% sequester and across the board cut will result

in not enough CSC funds Administration could request an anomaly for additional funding in the appropriation Mandatory CSC proposal IHS Dear Tribal Leader letters DTLL on IHS implementation of a new Integrated Data Collection System Data Mart (IDCS DM) Intended to improve GPRA/GPRAMA national clinical measures RPMS has decreased as tribes opt to utilize commercial health information systems and the IDCS-DM is intended

to address this An opt-out feature will be available to tribal programs that do not want their data included in GPRA and GPRAMA reporting Tribal consultation closes on October 31, 2015 Session during QBM with IHS Deputy Director and OIT CMS 100% FMAP Policy Change NEW CMS WHITE PAPER COMMENTS DUE NOVEMBER 17TH AK & SD Medicaid Expansion proposals to CMS AK 100% FMAP request for emergency and non-emergency medical transportation and services provided through CHS/PRC referrals

SD requests 100% FMAP for telehealth services, specialty services provided through collaborative arrangements, and services provided by community health representatives CMS has conducted Tribal consultation and expected to issue a decision soon NPAIHB has submitted recommendations 100% FMAP for CHS referrals or 100% FMAP for services under contract with I/T/U Without link to I/T there is not incentive for States to work w/Tribes CMS-Tribal Technical Advisory Group Issues Summary of Benefit Documents for zero and limited cost

sharing variations Referrals for cost-sharing and proper payments Marketplace Call Center Tribal Scripts Network Adequacy for I/T/Us contract issues Simplify Family Plan Provisions for Indians Enrollment data for Indians Transition from Marketplace Coverage to Medicaid coverage (AK) Could effect Idaho New Medicaid eligibles can not cancel Marketplace coverage NACs and CCIIO have invested much time in this process Results in enrollee not having coverage for some time which has resulted in bills to individual s Complicates Indian cost-sharing for QHP & Medicaid

VA Dear Tribal Leader Letter Veterans Budget and Choice Improvement Act Act requires a report to Congress on how the VA will streamline all non-VA programs into single program called Veterans Choice Program VA is seeking consultation regarding inclusion of I/T as part of the VAs core provider network including efforts to streamline provision of non-VA care to veterans Comment on existing VA reimbursement agreements Comments due October 26, 2015 Additional tribal consultation on November 1, 2015

HRSA 340B Proposed Guidance HRSA has proposed 340B Drug Pricing Program Omnibus Guidance, August 28, 2015, makes significant changes regarding individuals eligible for 340B drug pricing Guidance redefines the required relationship between a provider and a patient & will effect Tribal access 340B drug pricing: 1. 2. require that the relationship between a patient and a provider be evaluated on a prescription-by-prescription basis; and that the prescription be issued at a tribal facility.

Will make PRx issued by providers serving tribal health program patients outside of tribal clinic facilities ineligible for 340B pricing NPAIHB Comments clarify standards that should be applicable to Tribal health programs to permit covered entities and not focus on facilities ; and defining patient eligibility under the ISDEAA Discussion?

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