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Review of learning from last week. Exam question from 1995. A2 Psychology syllabus Student Name: 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Leadership

qualities associated with leaders types of leadership - autocratic, democratic, laissez faire effectiveness of leadership styles prescribed and emergent leaders Fiedlers Contingency model - task and person orientated and Chelladurais multi-dimensional model.

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4 Arsenal penalties for range of offe nces ... and if they don't pay, boss sends for Mertesacker

By Rik Sharma Leadership PUBLISHED: 07:33, 21 January 2013 | UPDATED: 11:15, 21 January 2013

Break Arsene Wenger's law at Arsenal and you will pay the penalty. Using imposing German centre back Per Mertesacker as his debt collector, Arsenal's manager has issued a set of rules to his players which see players fined for misdemeanours. Ranging from between 100 to 1000, Wenger has ordered a list of offences to be drawn up and has signed it at the bottom. The list is hanging at the clubs training ground in London Colney.

Leadership and group cohesion How does Arsene develop group cohesion? Is he an effective leader? What are the qualities of a good leader? Devise an acronym.

Mine is GIVE HOPE How do we select / appoint leaders? Prescribed leader Emergent leader

Exam question (2011) Identify three characteristics of a good leader and explain the difference between an emergent and prescribed leader (3 marks) Need three from confident, orgainsed, inspirational, good communication, knowledgeable, good decision maker, motivational,

Emergent elected by the team Prescribed appointed by an external authority Prep homework. What did you learn about the theory and its limitations?

Great Man Theory Nature versus nurture

Social Learning Theory Interactionist Theory Positive PM Table Minus

Leadership styles. What are the ideal condition/situation for its use? Definition Authoritarian or autocratic leader

Democratic leader Laissez-faire leader Ideal condition Were the videos useful?

1. Fielders Contingency model 2. Chelladurais Multi-dimensional model Review Link all of your learning from the lesson

Is he an effective leader? What do you want to learn about leadership? Unanswered questions. Exam question

Explain what Chelladurais multidimensional model suggest about leadership (7 marks) Answer

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