LANGUAGE AP Human Geography 10/30 Vocab Bell Ringer Define and use in a sentence. SAT Word: placate

language convergence AP Word: Language Quiz 10 minutes Clear your desks

and take out a writing utensil. Review Language Family

Language Branch Language Group Language Example: English

Family: Branch: Group: Language:

Global Language Families Create a choropleth world map of the distribution of major language families. Make sure to include a color coded key. Indo European Branches Make a choropleth map of the Indo

European language branches in Europe. Include a color coded key. Origin and Diffusion of English British Isles- first known language is Celtic around

2000bc German invasion- Angles, Jutes, Saxons Modern English evolved from these Germanic groups Viking invasion- failed to conquer British Isles, but many Vikings remained and added vocabulary to the newly spoken English language.

Origin and Diffusion of English Norman Invasion- 1066 British isles invaded by Normans Normans came from Normandy, France and established French as Englands official language for 300 years. Many still spoke English to each other

Origin and Diffusion of English German Invaders- simple straightforward words horse, sky, man Norman Invaders- fancier words celestial,

equestrian, masculine Diffusion to North America English Colonies Jamestown, Virginia, 1607 Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1620 British defeat of France to dominate

the colonies established English as the principal language Document Based Questions Use the documents to answer the questions on your

sheet Closing Question In 1 paragraph, explain how languages create a cultural unity and diversity throughout the world.

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