Land Information Management System

Land Information Management System

LIMS (Land Information Management System) Certification Request for Initiation/Planning Phase Project Certification Committee 12/15/2010 Presenting: Martin Davis Gilda Martinez Larry Kehoe 1 Current State SLO manages 13 million subsurface and 8 million surface acres held in trust for the beneficiaries of the State of New Mexico.

SLO is charged with optimizing revenue for the trust on these lands, while protecting the corpus of the trust for future generations. State trust lands and surface leasing is administered within the Oil and Natural Gas Administration and Revenue database (ONGARD) system which was initially designed to address high-level needs and oil and gas revenue streams for its three stakeholder agencies: Taxation and Revenue, State Land Office, and Energy Minerals, and Natural Resources. Surface leasing and land grid information is incomplete. Manual system inefficiencies result in lost revenue for the beneficiaries. 2 Beneficiaries

SCHOOLS Common (Public) Schools University of New Mexico UNM Saline Lands New Mexico State University New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Eastern New Mexico University Western New Mexico University New Mexico Highlands University Northern New Mexico College New Mexico Military Institute New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired New Mexico School for the Deaf

MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS Carrie Tingley Hospital Miners Hospital of New Mexico Las Vegas Medical Center OTHER INSTITUTIONS Penitentiary of New Mexico Charitable, Penal and Reform STATE NATURAL RESOUCES

Water Reservoirs Rio Grande Improvements STATE AGENCIES Capitol Buildings State Parks Division 3 Issues with the Current Environment Limitations include Incomplete land grid information Split estates Surface vs subsurface Less than the standard 40 acre subdivision Ownership changes due to exchanges, acquisitions and sales

Beneficiary distributions associated to state land Changes in ONGARD are costly, inflexible, and risky. Handwritten data 4 5 Project Purpose Enhance SLO information systems by developing and implementing LIMS in order to optimally and fully manage state owned land Develop and maintain a new web and GIS based land management system Work with ONGARD to fully integrate information from ONGARD with data from all others forms of leasing and land management within the GIS system

Take advantage of new revenue streams for the beneficiaries such as renewable energies including wind, solar and biomass sources Expand SLO data services to the agency to better serve its own distinct stakeholders Synergize the various leasing and management processes into a encompassing flexible land management system 6 Opportunities for Improvement Develop an agile Business Intelligence solution to add value to the business services offered by SLO Provide value-added solutions that will assist end-users ability to access critical business information Collaborate with ONGARD to leverage the vast data, resource, and infrastructure investments Add efficiency to leveraging state of the art mapping resources to improve the SLO decision making abilities Increase earning potential by reducing research time for new economic development opportunities, through simultaneously displaying the estate ownership, state trust acreage amount and existing

leases Increase earning potential by providing a visual display to the public indicating the location and number of available parcels, allowing for additional leasing opportunities Increase the competitive position of SLO by providing data instantly, and thereby accurately accessing land ownership information and leasing records Increase accuracies in the land grid and state ownership information 7 Opportunities for Improvement Improve information sharing by incorporating the pencil posting and posting of Tract Book entries into an electronic system, then tying this information to the SLO FileNet Imaging system, making all information available to SLO staff Provide an intuitive environment for lease creation and maintenance Improve constituent services by making renewals, billings, applications, permitting and real-time land status available via the web

Improve data availability to other agencies and the public by providing the data via web services 8 Budget SOURCE AMOUNT Laws of 2010, 2nd Special Session, Chapter 6, Section 7, Paragraphs 10 11. $1,668.00

Total $1,668.00 ASSOCIATED RESTRICTIONS Surface Land Management System Requesting $642,800 Initiation & Planning Phase o $290,400 Project Manager FY11-FY12 Planning & RFP o $352,400 IT services for Data Grooming 9 Schedule

10 Conclusion Optimize the revenue to the beneficiaries Address complex land management and informational issues using GIS based tools Illustrate multiple leasing issues and information for additional leasing opportunities Expand online constituent services and streamline availability of data to benefit SLO, other state agencies and SLO customers 11

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