Lab Procedures and Safety

Lab Procedures and Safety

Happy Tuesday Bio-Ninjas! Bellwork: Choose one rule/procedure from yesterday and explain why its important Content Standard: The student is expected to demonstrate safe practices during laboratory and field investigations Essential Question: How do I safely participate in labs? Before we can proceed we need to discuss Cornell Notes. Essential Question #2: How will using Cornell notes help me be successful in

biology. The Cornell note-taking e h t t Wha re system is a note-taking system a k c e h ll devised in the 1950s by Walter

e n r o C , Pauk, an education professor at s e t o N y? Cornell University. Pauk a w y an

advocated its use in his bestselling book How to Study in College. The Cornell method provides a systematic format for condensing and organizing notes. ike l k o lo y e h T ..

s i h t ken o r b re a y e s Th i h

t e lik n w o d Some . Examples And some More examples w ill

s r u o y t a h W this r o f e k i l

k o lo class Essential Question Supporti ng Questio ns Or Main Topics Name Date

Supporting Details Lists Definitions Bullet Points Summary/quick write. You are describing the lesson in your own words Some common note taking abbreviations (save yourself some time!!) Open your journals to page 5.

Set this page up for Cornell Notes Essential Question: How do I safely participate in labs? Time to practice =-) Zombie College My . s e t

o N Yours should look similar to this but do not worry about if they do not look exactly like mine. They are YOUR

notes. As long as Lab Procedures Never touch lab equipment without a teachers permission. Always wear your lab safety goggles and lab apron when in the lab. Pull back long hair.

Wear closed-toe shoes during a lab. Do not touch/turn on water or gas faucets without a teachers permission. If you wear contacts, it is best to wear glasses in the lab. If you wear contacts, be sure to tell your teacher. Lab Procedures

Do not directly sniff any substance in a lab. Always waft! Never eat or put lab materials in your mouth. Do not chew gum in the lab. Follow directions exactly as they are given.

If you have a question on a lab procedure, ask before going on. If there is an emergency or something is spilled or glass is broken, tell your teacher immediately. Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan Follow the route your teacher describes

Gather at your assigned area when outside. Your teacher will be there with the orange class number. Remain with your teacher until told to go inside (attendance will be taken). If we can return to the building, go directly back to class. Lab Safety Equipment

Goggles Aprons Eye Wash station* Safety Shower*

Fire blanket/extinguisher* Emergency Passes* Items with a (*) by them are to only be used during an emergency. Your teacher will notify you when it is appropriate to use one of these items. WHAT IS HAPPENING?! With your partner, look at the picture of the lab.

Find as many things wrong with it as possible. Page 4 of your Journal. Choose at least two lab safety rules/procedures and make an illustration about them on page 4. The Illustration must include color.

This page must also include a poem, rap or song about LAB SAFETY. Each letter of the topic will start a new line: Lab Safety, Lab Safety Always on my mind Being a responsible classmate Surely is worth my time

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