Know Your Fabric -

Know Your Fabric -

Know Your Fabrics Beginners How Fabrics Are Made Fibers +

Yarns + Fabric = Construction Woven Fabrics

Types of Fibers Plant Animal Man-made (chemical) Is is a Knit or Woven Fabric? Need Clues to the Mystery of Fabric

ID? 1- Does the fabric stretch? It is a knitted fabric. 2-Does it ravel or fray? It is a woven fabric. A Closer Look at Weaves! Woven fabrics have lengthwise (warp) and crosswise

(filling) yarns. Lengthwise yarns form the foundation of the fabric are generally stronger. They run parallel with the fabrics selvage, the finished edge. Crosswise yarns cross over and under the lengthwise yarns.creating a plain weave. A Closer Look at Weaves!

A Basket weave is created when 2 or more yarns cross over 2 or more lengthwise yarns. Up close it looks like a woven basket. It is just a variation of the plain weave. A Closer Look at Weaves! A Pile Weave is using 3

sets of yarns where 1 set of the yarns creates a loop on the surface. Can you think of something you use each day that is made from a fabric that is woven this way? Heres another clue. Name That Fabric! Ask yourself:

Is is a knit or woven? If woven, what type of weave? If you can answer these basic questions you are on the road to discovering the fabric ID!

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