Kiwanis PowerPoint Template

Kiwanis PowerPoint Template

Kiwanis International Convention June 2018 The Power of Panelists Pam Norman Senior Director, Corporate Relations

Mark Hall Partnership Coordinator, Nebraska-Iowa District Ron McCallum Partnership Coordinator, Capital District Larry Taylor Partnership Coordinator, Florida District

Workshop objectives Learn how sponsorships bring muchneeded resources to your clubs projects, activities and fundraising. Review the sponsorship toolkit, designed to help your club build community partnerships. Provide next steps for your club to get started forming partnerships.

Where is your club today? Benefits of partnerships Corporate partners have the ability to: Provide budget relieving financial support Help your club gain brand awareness in the community

Assist your club with community connections and resources Sponsorship toolkit Sponsorship Toolkit PLAN

SELL DELIVER Plan Locate potential sponsors

Research company website Define sponsorship package Sell Price your package Create sponsorship materials The sponsorship meeting Sell

Inventory your clubs assets Price your event offerings Seek corporate support Develop long-term relationships

with sponsors Save time by using template Deliver

Get everyone on board Allocate resources Set standards Communicate Pick a point of contact Put your money where your

Build a lasting relationship Gather feedback Make memories Accentuate the positive

Stay really close Resources Sponsorship planning checklist Proposal letter outline Sample proposal letter Sponsorship rate card worksheet Sponsorship levels and benefits

Club data checklist Thank you for joining us and enjoy the rest of the convention!

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