Journal - Mr. Johnson's Home Base

Journal - Mr. Johnson's Home Base

Journal 1. Explain the term anticipatory socialization. Then, describe ways in which each of the following groups participate in anticipatory socialization (and what purpose it serves). A. 8th graders preparing to enter high school B. Seniors preparing to enter college C. A law student preparing to enter the workforce D. A 18 year old female preparing to enter the military 2. Why isnt the concept of anticipatory socialization applicable to individuals who enter prisons, hospitals, or mental health facilities? Socialization Part I: When studying desocialization and resocialization, prison systems are often used as common, working examples of these processes taking place in every state in the US on a daily basis. Using the Federal Bureau of Prisons Handbook attached to this assignment (as well as Chapter 4 in your textbook), your goal is to prove that prisons are an accurate example of de- and re-socialization. Be

sure to differentiate between the two, and provide at least eight quote-able examples from the FBP Handbook supporting the claim that prisons are prime examples of the concepts in question. For each example, be sure to provide a brief personal commentary explaining how it demonstrates the breaking down or building up of social standards. Your textbook may serve to guide you towards particular topics in the FBP Handbook that could be more applicable. Additionally, you must lead off with a brief introductory paragraph explaining the purpose of prison facilities, and why you believe inmates cannot be allowed to maintain their previously held social practices with prison walls. Part II: Using any available news resources, two locate articles which speak to the impact of the following on the social development of Americans: 1.) Mass Media (TV, movies, video games, etc), 2.) Social Media, 3.) Changing Family Structure, or 4.) Peer Pressure. For each, provide the source of the article, the name of the article, a summary of the event, and a clear explanation of how this article relates the topic in question to the social development of Americans. ONE RESTRICTION: At least one of your articles must speak to the impact of the topic on social development in adults, not juveniles. (Be sure to highlight any pertinent vocabulary terms!) Hint: news magazines [rather than simple news reporting sites] such as Time, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Newsweek are also a valid resource for articles on these topics.

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