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IS WHAT WE DO - Royal LePage

RECRUITING SERVICES OVERVIEW 1 Training & Accountability Setting you up for success. 2015 Program Completed Buffini & Company - Ultimate Recruiting Solution yielded strong results 105 Brokers/Managers recruited 428 agents over 4 new recruits per person on average 2016 Program Launches Real Estate Leaderships Complete Recruiting Mastery is available to Brokers/Managers in 2016, starting in April Learn the skills, develop the confidence and yield the results of a recruiting leader with industry veteran Lou Izzo Royal LePage sponsors this exclusive and customized recruiting program >Managing >Recruiting >Lead Generation & Management Recruiting Mastery Program Royal LePage has an exclusive arrangement for a customized program with Lou Izzo to bring Recruiting Mastery to our Network.

Program Components 2-Day In-person Training in Toronto Skills-based program to create confidence and leadership in recruiting Recruiting goals linked to realistic listings inventory predictions Focus on both recruiting new and experienced agents via consultative recruiting Scripts, dialogues and objection handling techniques for all situations Role playing to support various scenarios above Marketing campaigns to support you in the Marketing Centre 5 Month Group Accountability Coaching Every other week, you and your group will meet for further training and accountability against the goals you have set 4 Lou Izzo Credentials Lou successfully grew Hunt Real Estate from 350 to 1,300 agents over a period of 20 years. He now teaches other brokers how they can grow their

businesses with strong results. Accomplishments President of Hunt Real Estate (Buffalo, NY) Recruited over 4,000 agents, of which 1,400 are experienced agents and 400 were in the top 5% of their MLS Recruited 24 managers from the competition Completed over 30 acquisitions Served as Recruiter, Trainer, Director of Career Development, Director of Relocation, General Manager and Vice-President all before he became President President of Real Estate Leadership (REL) Trained 600 brokers with REL, many of which are leaders in their networks For companies who worked with Lou over a 1-year period, their gross recruiting improved by more than 30% and their net agent gain was between 5 7% 5 Recruiting Mastery Program Costs Royal LePage can offer this program to you at a cost of $1,650. For out-oftown attendees, hotel rooms are extra.

How can I Sign Up? 2-Day Toronto Training Event Information Date: Wednesday, April 7 Friday, April 8 Location: Double Tree Hotel, 108 Chestnut St (Downtown) Coaching Session Information [To be inserted once we have info from Lou] Sign-up Forms On your tables, please fill in the forms and provide them to me. If you need more time to decide, please email the form to Jill Caffery at [email protected] If youd like more detail on the program, more detail is on >Managing >Recruiting >Training & Accountability 6 TalentNest & POP Generate and manage leads.

New - attracts applicants from 50+ online job boards Over 239% more recruitments leads in 2015 Includes completed POP candidate assessment Track and manage ALL your prospects to hire via TalentNests applicant tracking system Unique URL to manage your own recruiting efforts Action Items 1. Take the TalentNest training webinar on 2. Retrieve your unique TalentNest URL 3. Apply URL to your online recruiting lead sources career website/page, online job postings, social media, blog, email 4. Take the POP training webinar on >Managing >Recruiting >Lead Generation & Management Workopolis Partnering to save you money. Preferred access to Canadas largest and most trafficked career website 83% discount includes unlimited job posts/re-posts (offer open until Jan 31) Ideal for all roles sales, management, training, admin, support Royal LePage branded template for optimal visibility Dedicated training and support for optimal results Route sales role leads to your TalentNest account including POP Action Items 1. Contact Kim Alexander at 1.855.559.6756 x.8746, or [email protected] 2. Take the 7-minute best practice webinar before posting any job for best

results >Managing >Recruiting >Lead Generation & Management Recruiting Videos & Fact Sheets Show potential recruits whats in it for me? Three new Why I Joined Royal LePage agent videos new, experienced and team leader (all under 1:30) Ten updated Fact Sheets detail the Royal LePage Toolkit for Success and provide substance to our promise to Maximize Your Earning Potential Action Items 1. Embed videos and link Fact Sheets via:

Career website/pages Online job ads Social media Blog 2. Include printed Fact Sheets in your interview package >Managing >Recruiting >Tools Recruiting eCampaign Stay top of mind. Twelve automated drip emails highlight The Royal LePage Toolkit for Success Dripped weekly or monthly via pre-built Marketing Centre campaigns Links to updated Fact Sheets for each component of our Toolkit for Success

Embed new recruiting videos and route sales role leads to your TalentNest Action Items 1. Watch tutorials 1 & 2 for instructions on leveraging the Recruiting eCampaign 2. Set up weekly and monthly campaigns 3. Add your TalentNest URL and default recruiting or your company-specific videos 4. Add current prospects now and individual prospects as they come in >Managing >Recruiting >Tools Marketing Ads & Templates More sizzle! By The Numbers (national & provincial) #1 (in select provinces) Is What We Do ads Were Hiring ad/poster

Toolkit for Success Action Items 1. Leverage all of these resources for: Career website/pages Print and online recruiting ads Social media sharing and blog content Direct marketing to prospective recruits Posting in the office Inclusion in your interview package >Managing >Recruiting >Marketing Ads & Templates Recruiting Presentation & Guest Account Closing your next recruit.

Articulate your value proposition with the customizable Recruiting Presentation Show them the scope of our services with guest access to rlpNetwork Action Items 1. Customize the recruiting presentation with your unique brokerage value proposition, services and area market info. Watch for quarterly updates! 2. Provide your potential recruits with guest access to rlpNetwork >Managing >Recruiting >Tools Onboarding Welcoming your new recruit!

Get new recruits off to a running start with a customizable five-week New Agent Orientation plan with daily activities and training that set recruits up for success Week 1: Orientation, administration and industry-specific training Week 2: Marketing strategies and the Royal LePage Marketing Centre Week 3: Sales training and campaigns Week 4: The power of digital marketing Week 5: Tools to grow your business, overview of designations and events Welcome kits mailed out on a weekly basis include a welcome letter from President and CEO Phil Soper, personalized leatherette portfolio, name badge, pin and welcome brochure Action Items

1. Download and customize the New Agent Orientation plan. Watch for quarterly updates! >Managing >Agent Training >Agent Onboarding Agent Satisfaction Surveys Happiness is retention! How satisfied are your agents? How likely are they to stay? Will they refer other agents and prospects to your brokerage? Identify operational, management and leadership opportunities and compare yourself to industry norms Understand how well positioned you are for growth Have a one-on-one review for in-depth analysis

Royal LePage sponsors the cost of participation once every 3 years for companies with 35+ agents (sample size needed for statistically significant results) 25 companies and 1,600 agents participated in the initial pilot where, on average, we matched industry norms and will only get better! Watch for communications to register Questions? [email protected] THANK YOU! 15

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