Is Intensive Intervention Special Education?

Is Intensive Intervention Special Education?

Special Education? Defining Services for Students with Disabilities Lou Danielson & Teri Marx, American Institutes for Research J. David Sienko, Rhode Island Department of Education Glenna Gallo, NASDSE/Washington State Board of Education 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 1 No Time Like the Present

Recent Supreme Court ruling potential implications: In the future, progress (documented through data) on an IEP could be the foundation for ascertaining if the FAPE standard was met. Pushes educators to provide higher quality instruction to ensure that students with disabilities meet challenging standards. 2 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Defining Special

Education 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 3 How does your State define special education? 4

2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Specially-Designed Instruction (SDI) adapting, as appropriate to the needs of an eligible child under this part, the content, methodology or delivery of instruction (i) to address the unique needs of the child that result from the childs disability; and (ii) to ensure access of the child to the general curriculum, so that the child can meet the educational standards within the jurisdiction of the public agency that apply to all children. (Section 300.39(b)(3) of Title 34, Code of Federal Regulations).

5 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Standards-Aligned IEPs and SDI (RI) 6 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE SDI in Rhode Island


In addition to core instruction (supplemental) A service What a teacher does Based on teaching specific skills a student does not have in order to access and make progress in the general curriculum Unique instruction written into the IEP that is provided to the student to allow him/her to progress toward annual goal(s) Specific to the student (individualized) Instruction that allows a student to make progress in the

general curriculum and close the gap in academic performance as compared to his/her general education peers In place of core instruction (supplant) A place What a student does Not a restatement of the academic content standards being taught A commercial program A schedule An excuse for setting low expectations or teaching

below grade level (not making grade level content available/accessible to students with disabilities) 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Setting the Stage for SDI 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 9 What Makes

special education different from other supports provided to students? 10 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) 11

2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE State Perspectives In MTSS, educators implement with fidelity the hallmarks of both RTI and PBIS into a merged model to improve student outcomes. Team approach Universal screening Data-based decisions Evidence-based practices Progress monitoring

12 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE How are You currently supporting students who are non-responsive or persistently struggling? 13 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE

State Systemic Improvement Plan Implementation Efforts Support for LEA Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs) Pilot projects based on LEA data and needs Intensive support provided by USBE Book study with administrators, educators, and parents/families

Facilitate an annual co-teaching cohort of general and special education teachers focusing on both EBPs in co-teaching, as well as mathematics content, instruction, and intervention using EBPs Workshops, webinars and lesson studies on the implementation of EBPs in mathematics Professional development on Universal Design for Learning Align courses for special education preservice programs and mathematics endorsement courses 14 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE


The National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Slide 2 18 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE

More Help Slide 19 Validated programs are not universally effective programs; 3 to 5 percent of students need more help (Fuchs et al., 2008; NCII, 2013). 19 More Practice

Students with intensive needs often require 1030 times more practice than peers to learn new information (Gersten et al., 2008). 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE What is Intensive Intervention? Intensive intervention addresses severe and persistent learning and/or behavior difficulties. Driven by data

20 Characterized by increased intensity and individualization 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Intensive Intervention Is Individualized based on student needs

More intense, often with substantively different content AND pedagogy Involves more frequent and precise progress monitoring 21 Is Not A single approach A manual A preset program

Always one on one instruction More of the same Tier 1 instruction More of the same Tier 2 instruction 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Students who Need Intensive Intervention Not meeting IEP goals Persistently low academic achievement

High frequency/intensity behavior Nonresponsive to interventions delivered with fidelity 22 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Comorbidity is the rule, not the exception. 23

2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Data-Based Individualization (DBI) 24 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE DBI Integrating

data-based decision making across academics and social behavior 25 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE More Than Just Collecting the Data

2 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 6 What does it take to implement DBI in LEAs? Essential Elements 27

2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Discussion Questions Are your definitions of special education similar? Different? What makes special education different from other supports provided to students? Is special education truly the most intensive level of support provided? How do you know? Do you provide guidance around a process/approach similar to DBI to your LEAs? What questions do you still have?


Academic Intervention Academic Progress Monito ring Behavior Intervention Behavior Progress Monitoring Academic Screening Coming Soon: Behavior Screening Postsecondary Transitions (potential)

30 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Implementation Resources: Training Materials Exp e h t Ask

D ing n i ra T I B ide

e rt V os i es r e S ars n i

b We 31 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Implementation Resources: Data Meetings 32

2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Implementation Resources: Fidelity Materials 33 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Instructional Resource: Graphing Tool

34 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Instructional Resources: Guides 35 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Instructional Resources: Math Videos

36 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Stay Up to Date: Newsletter Sign up for our Newsletter and email list to receive regular updates 37

2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Disclaimer This module was produced under the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, Award No. H326Q160001. Celia Rosenquist serves as the project officer. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the positions or policies of the U.S. Department of Education. No official endorsement by the U.S. Department of Education of any product, commodity, service, or enterprise mentioned in this website is intended or should be inferred.

38 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Contact US Teri Marx, Ph.D. [email protected] National Center on Intensive Intervention 1000 Thomas Jefferson Street NW Washington, DC 20007-3835

[email protected] @TheNCII 39 2017 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE

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