Introduction to "Life After High School" Naviance/Family ...

Introduction to "Life After High School" Naviance/Family ...

Welcome! Log in to Google Chromebooks Email: Password: Your network password Introduction to Life After High School Naviance/Family Connection Presentation Why start now?

- College visits: - Use winter break, spring break and summer to go on college campus visits - Absences: - Juniors and seniors are allowed up to 5 excused days for college visits with ADVANCED notice to Ms. Emanuel (Attendance Office) - College Representatives in Career Center

- Juniors and seniors can sign up to meet with the representatives through Naviance P.O.S.T. EXPO Post-Secondary Options Services and Trades December 4, 2018 6:30-8pm James Hubert Blake HS Cafeteria Learn about different Pathways

to Success Trade & Technical Schools State /Local Police and Fire Dept. EMT Trainers, Apprenticeship Opportunities Military, Other! No registration required! Not going to college?

What are your options? Al um ni P ane l D ec 21, 12: 53- 1:3 9 ( Pd 6) Gr. 11 -12o btaina passo nlinea fterDec embe r1 College Night for Juniors Tuesday, March 7 at 7:00 pm For Parents/Guardians of 11th grade students Montgomery County College Fair

Tuesday April 2, 2019 Junior Class field trip: entrance fee and permission slip required Which Test Should I Take? All JUNIORS MUST take at least one of these tests by April 1, 2019: SAT, ACT or Accuplacer (January 10)

If you need a fee waiver, see Ms. Prochnow in the Career Center Naviance/Family Connection Go to: Blake High School Webpage Click on College & Career Center under Quick Links then click on Naviance - Family Connection Enter 6 digit student ID for username and password Follow Along ABOUT ME Under About Me tab select Home

Account: see Profile for GPA Resume Test Scores Portfolio for summary of Naviance use My Surveys heading See All Surveys (Game Plan, Reflection forms) Follow Along COLLEGES Colleges Tab Home

SuperMatch College Search Read and click through the six introductory statements Start with Location and select criteria that fit your needs. Naviance will begin to list schools for you. From Your Results you can Pin and Favorite colleges Pin four schools for comparison Follow Along COLLEGES Click on Pinned at bottom of the page and select

COMPARE PINNED COLLEGES to review your choices. From the Comparison Chart select favorite colleges by clicking on the Heart icon Reminders: Follow us on Twitter @BlakeCounselors Daily tips, reminders and information from the Blake Counseling Department and College/Career Center.

This PowerPoint presentation will be posted on the Blake Career Center Webpage! Explore your future Visit Naviance often Username:6 digit student I.D. Password: 6 digit student I.D. Counseling Department & Career Center

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