Introduction - bpums

Introduction - bpums

Introduction Fungi Fungus Mycology Mykes = Mushroom

Medical mycology 5 kingdom Monera Plant Animal

Fungi Protista Eukaryote & Heterotrophic FUNGI Number of cell

Multi-cellular: MOLD Uni-cellular : YEAST Mold Hyphae Aseptate

Mycelium Coenocytic Zygomycetes Septate Aerial Vegetative

YEAST Round or oval Budding/binary fission Pseudohyphae or

pseudomycelium Yeast like Candida albicans Dimorphism Nature

25 In body 37 Mold Sabourauds glucose agar (S)

Yeast BHI, Blood Agar Sporothrix schenkii Histoplasma capsulatum Blastomyces dermatitidis Coccidioides immitis Paracoccidioides brasiliensis Penicillium marneffei

Spherule Dimorphism Parasitic Yeast Saprophytic Candida albicans Mold

Life of fungi Saprophytic Mutulistic Parasitic Loboa

loboi Rhinosporidium sebeeri Reproduction Sexual Teleomorph Asexual Anamorph Spore Conidia

Perfect Imperfect Macro & Micro Asexual Sporangiospore Macroconidia Microconidia Arthroconidia Chlamydioconidia

Budding Binary fission Sporangiospore Macroconidia Microconidia Arthroconidia

Chlamydioconidia Budding Binary fission Sexual Ascospore Ascomycetes

Basidiospore Basidiomycetes Zygospore Zygomycetes Deutromycetes Environmental Conditions Temperature PH

Moisture Light Aeration Temperature Thermophile Min:20 Aspergillus Opt:30-40

Max:50-60 fumigatus Mesophile 10-35 Psychrophile Opt:27-28 Max:20

PH, Moisture, Light PH Moi. Light 6.8 80% somatic & Reproductive Aeration Obligate

aerobe Facultative fermentative Obligate fermentative Obligate anaerobe Hydrogenosom Cell envelope Characteristic

Enzymes EM Dynamic Cell envelope Cell membrane Cell wall Capsule

Cell envelope Cell membrane Sterol Cholesterol Phytostrole Ergostrole

Polyen The plasma membrane Like other eukaryotes 2 layer phospholipid + proteins + sterol Antifungal drugs Role

of C.M Absorb & release Enzymes Chitin synthetase & glucan synthetase Protein Signal transduction The Wall Component

Polysaccharide Protein Lipid No constant Cell wall Shape Interface Osmotic

pressure Molecular transfer Pigment Physiologic roles Enzymes Invertase: Ag sucrose glucose + fructose Cell wall

Ascomycetes & Basidiomycetes Chitin Glucans Mannoprotein

Zygomycetes Chitosan Chitin Polyglucoronic acid Cell wall Chitin

Fungi & Insects N- acetylglucoseamin ( 14 ) Elastic Hydrogen bands Inter & Intra Cell wall Chitosan

Glucoseamin ( 1 4 ) Cellulose Oomycetes Glucose ( 1 4 ) Cell wall Glucans

Polysaccharide of D-glucose monomers 1 3 2nd ( EXP Zygomycetes ) Structural & Reservoir Cell wall Mannoproteins Yeast

S. cerevisiae ( 20 % ) Produce in ER & Golgi apparatus Cell wall Melanin Phenol Catechol

C6H4(OH)2 Tyrosine Dihydroxynaphthalene Resistance to any enzyme Protection Enzyme light The extrahyphal matrix Capsule

C.neoformans Ag Phagocytosis Structure & Ultra structure EM Cytochemical Hyphae Yeast stains

Hyphae Tube Solid wall Protoplasm No fixed length Diameter 1-30 m ( 5-10 m ) Tip Hyphae

Nucleus Mitochondria Vacuoles Lipid bodies Endoplasmic reticulum Golgi apparatus Atypical Hyphae

Nucleus Aseptate Coenocytic Septate Tip Growth Multinucleus Small Light

microscope Fluorescence staining Yeast Budding 1 nucleus Great vacuole Bud nucleus division cytoplasm division chitin sedimentation 2 cell

Scar Multiple budding Bipolar budding Secretory system ER, Golgi apparatus & vesicles Ribosome protein synthesis ER golgi apparatus processing* vesicles secretion * tertiary structure

Glycosilation Rearrangement Vacuoles Round structure Storage Phosphate Calcium Recycling

Cleavage of protein amino acids PH regulation Cytoskeleton Microtubule Microfilament Myosin like protein Fungal tubulin different from animal &

planet ( griseofulvin ) Medical Mycology Opportunistic pathogen True pathogen Allergic fungi Toxic fungi Mycotoxicosis Afla

toxin A.flavus, A.parasiticus & P.puberulum Mycetismus Medical Mycology Superficial mycosis Cutaneous mycosis Subcutaneous mycosis

Systemic mycosis Opportunistic mycosis Mold Yeast

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