Intro to Qualtrics - Yale University

Intro to Qualtrics - Yale University

Overview of Qualtrics at Yale University Denise Hersey Katie Clark March 2, 2012 Introduction Denise & Katie Our disclaimer How many of you have used Qualtrics?

Who is in the room? Specific issues to address? Take Home Message Official Yale Qualtrics site: researchsuite/ Start with Overview Videos View Specific Training Videos and Tutorials Emails

Phone Calls What is Q all about? Overview Setting up an account Logging in Create a survey

Importing Library Copy Blocks Purpose of Blocks Naming Blocks

Organizing Survey Create a New Block With Current Questions Logic Within Survey Within Survey Flow (more to come) Loop & Merge (more to come) Adding Questions

How to add Different types Examples of using Multiple vs. Single answer Edit multiple No Response Cards Adding a Text Entry to Choices Deleting Questions

Caution: this is very is to do and no undo button! Other Features of Questions Content Validation Using for test/quiz Text entry options: number, email, etc Carry forward example Piping Text Loop & Merge What is it?

How to set it up Working with blocks Basic Logic Avoid using double logic Using skip and display: if changed= double work Display Single question CAUTION: And vs. Or Based on answer to current questions

Can be used to skip rest of a block or to end of survey Survey Flow Changing Block Location Demo Adding Logic and Conditions Demo and New Haven Questions Survey Options Survey Options

Survey Experience Survey Protection Survey Termination Inactive Surveys Partial Completion Response Set Look and Feel Translate Testing Your Instrument

Preview Survey Using Link Who Should Test How Should You Test Creating a Mod Log Needs depend on access: excel vs Gdocs

Quality Control vs. Pilot Testing Reviewing Data Distribute Activate a survey

Anonymous survey link Email survey Panels Social Media In-page pop up Results View Reports Report Options Export Data (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF)

Responses Download Data (CSV, SPSS, Text, XML, HTML) Cross Tabs Overview Of Library

Qualtrics Library Group Library Saving a survey to the Library Using a survey from the Library Using a question from the Library Overview of Library-Cont. Audio Audio Options Recording Options Audacity

Organization Options Naming files in Q and other places Time Commitment Training and Experience How to upload Double upload: once to Q library, then to question Polls Tab Polls are useful for gathering a small

amount of information quickly Create Edit Look and Feel Insert into web site Collaborate Allow someone access to your survey Can limit permissions Final Thoughts? Questions

Comments Contact Us: Denise: [email protected] Katie: [email protected] For more in-depth information about Survey Design please contact Sherlock Campbell at the StatLab [email protected]

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