AMS Indicator ERCOT Recommendations ERCOT 3/9/2011 Current AMS indicator The original AMS indicator project as mandated by the PUC describes the flag as: PUCT Project 37291: SETTLEMENT PROVISIONED METER: An advanced meter as defined in P.U.C. Subst. R. 25.130, Advanced Metering, that has been deployed by the Company, and for which 15-minute interval data is sent to and accepted by ERCOT for settlement purposes. ERCOTs recommendation: Do not change the current indicator, leave as true/false and based solely on the load profile assigned in the settlement system Create an additional indicator to define the type of AMS meter that is currently installed at a premise (AMSR, AMSM) or that there is not an AMS meter installed (N) New indicator would be added to existing extracts and reports in addition to

displaying the AMS indicator as it exists today 3/9/2011 2 MCT/TX SET Initial Population File ERCOTs recommendation : Each TDSP will provide a list ESIIDs where AMS meters are installed. The TDSPs will provide the value for the indicator (AMSR or AMSM). ERCOT will populate those values into its system and provide a list of all

remaining ESIIDs that were not updated as a part of the effort. ERCOT will provide the TDSP a list of all ESIIDs to be populated with the N value and will require verification back from the TDSP that they agree with the designation assignment. Upon approval by the TDSP, ERCOT will use the list to populate the remaining ESIIDs. 3/9/2011 3 MCT/TX SET Daily Operation after initial population 814_20 Create transactions will require the REF~MR in the LIN loop to be populated

with either AMSR, AMSM or N to ensure initial population. ERCOT will not assume a designation based on a null value 814_20 Maintain transactions will require the new REF~MR segment in the LIN loop in to be populated when REFMR is provided in the REF~TD which will indicate the AMS Indicator needs to be updated. The TDSP does not need to include the REF~MR in the 814_20 maintain unless a change is required to the AMS indicator Instances which would require alteration of initial designation: 1. IDR threshold values have been met, requiring the installation of an IDR meter. 2. Inadvertent assignment to AMS value when ESIID did not have an AMS meter. Other Considerations: 814_04, 814_05, 814_14 and 814_22 should be reviewed to incorporate the N indicator as well, since they contain the same REF~MR segment 3/9/2011 4 MCT/TX SET

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