Institutional Research

Institutional Research

Nasser Kutkut, PhD, MBA Bio AAAEA Fort Lee, NJ 10/17/2009 Background Dr. Nasser Kutkut is the director of the Florida Energy Systems Consortium at the Univ. of Central Florida

He is also VP of Technology & Business Development at Petra Solar Inc. He was founder and CEO of Power Designers, LLC A design and manufacturing firm of solar AC PV modules and smart grid solutions

A design and manufacturing firm of industrial battery charging and monitoring solutions He is an advisory board member of TechniPower Inc. AAAEA 2009 2 PowerDesigners, LLC Founder & CEO: 1999 2008

Company developed and manufactured industrial battery charging & monitoring Equipment Company became a first tier supplier to GM & Kraft Foods of battery charging systems AAAEA 2009 3

PowerDesigners Products AAAEA 2009 4 Petra Solar Inc. VP Technology & Business Development Company is a developer & manufacturer of integrated,

decentralized, and low-cost AC PV Modules PlugNGen PV Recently won a $200 million contract to deploy pole mounted PV systems throughout NJ (with PSE&G) AAAEA 2009 5

Pole-attached, Smart Grid PV System AAAEA 2009 6 In the News AAAEA 2009 7

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