Information for Grad Students -

Information for Grad Students -

New Faculty & Grad Students: Library Orientation Library Instruction Fall 2007 What well cover

The Basics: WATCARD, Libraries & Hours, Services for Grad Students, Your Library Account, Your Liaison Librarian Books: TRELLIS (the Library catalogue) Connecting from Home

Journal Articles: Research Databases/Journal Indexes, Electronic Journals Document Delivery: Articles & Books RefWorks: Bibliographic management software Help when you need it

2 Library Homepage ( 3

Your watcard Doe, Jane Your Barcode

2118700xxxxxxx 4 Libraries & Hours 5

Libraries & Hours 6 Libraries & Hours

7 Libraries & Hours 8

Libraries & Hours Always updated for today!

9 Services for Grad Students 10

Services for Grad Students 11 Services for Grad Students

12 Services for Grad Students 13

Your Liaison Librarian Subject specialist Subject Guides Help with Library services & resources

Literature research assistance Personal or group consultations Book purchase requests accepted 14 Your Liaison Librarian

15 Your Liaison Librarian 16

Who is Your Liaison Librarian 17 Your Library Account

Books you have on loan Borrow books for a term (unless recalled) Renew your books online E-mail reminder sent near end of term

Fines or other problems Holds, Recalls, Document Delivery 18 Your Library Account

19 Your Library Account 20

Your Library Account 21 TRELLIS

22 Your Library Account Online renewal

23 Any Questions? I need information about: remediation of oil spills

24 TRELLIS (the Library Catalogue) Find books, journals, government

documents, conferences, theses, etc. at UW, UG, WLU, & Annex Get item Location, Status, and Call Number Request items books, copies of journal articles





31 TRELLIS Submit button




TRELLIS 37 Any Questions?

38 Connecting from Home

Research Databases E-Journals Electronic Books E-Data

39 Connect from Home 40

Connect from Home 41

Research Databases Find journal articles, conference papers on a topic Comprehensive, quick Includes abstract, link to full text

article Import into your citation database 42 Research Databases

How to choose them: Dept. subject guide lists top choices Subject groups on Research Database page Updating frequency Multidisciplinary topic? Try several

databases. 43 Research Databases 44

Research Databases 45 Research Databases

46 Research Databases 47

Research Databases 48 Research Databases

49 Research Databases 50

Research Databases Research Databases 52

Research Databases 53 Research Databases

54 Research Databases 55

Research Databases 56 Research Databases

57 Research Databases 58

Research Databases 59 Any Questions?

60 Document Delivery Article from a journal in TRELLIS? TUGdoc

request item from TRELLIS Not in TRELLIS? CISTI Source 1993 Largely science and technology, but some arts and social sciences

RACER (InterLibrary Loan) All Ontario university libraries plus request item not in TRELLIS 61

TUGdoc I need an article from volume 8... but its not

online. I can request a copy! 62 TRELLIS

63 TUGdoc 64

TUGdoc 65 TUGdoc

66 TUGdoc Automatically entered

Fill in this part Select 67

CISTI Source & RACER 68 CISTI Source & RACER

69 CISTI Source 70

CISTI Source fgh76630 71

CISTI Source 72 CISTI Source

73 CISTI Source 74


76 RACER journal of environmental sciences

77 RACER 78


80 RACER Automatically entered

Fill in this part 81 RACER

82 Cant wait? (for TUGdoc/CISTI Source/RACER) Find the book/ article at another

Ontario library Visit the library in person Register WatCard with their circulation desk Photocopy article(s) Borrow book(s) directly

return books at UW! 83 Any Questions? 84

RefWorks What is RefWorks? A personal database designed to: Manage/organize citations Create bibliographies

Help you write your term papers Accessible from anywhere! 85

RefWorks Why use RefWorks? Keep track of articles on your topic or several topics Create bibliographies easily and quickly in over 200 citation styles

Submitting your article to more than one journal expecting different citation styles? A click of the mouse will change the style to fit the requirements of the journal Insert references into a Word document and have

in-text citations and the bibliography automatically generated using the Write-N-Cite module 86 RefWorks How do I access RefWorks?

Click on the RefWorks link on the Librarys homepage (log in from anywhere using the Group Code given to you in the RefWorks e-mail message received when you register)

87 RefWorks 88

RefWorks 89 RefWorks

Link to e-copy of paper 90 Ask a Librarian

Your Liaison Librarian! Online Reference (Chat and MSN) E-mail 6 ways to talk to us! Phone In person info desk; office consult

91 Ask a Librarian 92

Ask a Librarian 93 Any Questions?

94 Need more information? Contact your Liaison Librarian Attend another Library instruction

session ( Smart Searching: TRELLIS, Journal Articles, and the Internet Find Books and More! (TRELLIS) RefWorks

.....GIS....Keeping Current....Web 2.0... 95 THANK YOU! 96

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