Increasing Persistence: - TCALL

Increasing Persistence: - TCALL

How to Foster Persistence: High Impact Practices for Directors August 1, 2018 Josh Hayes Director of Adult Education College of the Mainland John Stevenson

Program Specialist TWC, Adult Education & Literacy Persistence Definition of Learner Persistence: Adults staying in programs for as long as they can, engaging in selfdirected study or distance education when they stop attending program services, and returning to program services as soon as the demands of their lives allow. Persistence is a continuous learning

process that lasts until an adult student meets his or her educational goals, and persistence could start through self-study before the first episode of participation in a program. Persistence ends when the student decides to stop learning. (Source: NCSALL, 2007) Activity 1

Whats Your PQ? Complete the PQ Survey and calculate your persistence quotient. High Impact Practices for Persistence Recruitment Intake

Orientation Attendance Program Design Recruitment: How does the community see your program? As a free program or as an intensive program A program for serious students or a program for anybody who wants

to join A program than answers the question, How long will it take? with it depends or a program that answers the question, We have a plan. Researching Recruitment: Questions & Strategies What is the first impression callers get we they contact you?

What kind of student are you looking for? Do your partners understand that you want serious students? Do your brochures, webpages and other communications reflect a program that is designed to achieve specific outcomes? Activity 2 Look at your handout entitled Pathways to Persistence and think about what kind of

students you mostly have in your program. Intake Cattle Call vs. Prolonged Intake Prolonged Intake Practices Advantages Better understanding of

program structure Clear Understanding of expectations More time to set reasonable goals More accurate placement into classes Fewer tryout students

Development of better relationships with program staff Disadvantages Challenge to meet enrollment targets Staffing required for continuous intake

Provide services to students who will elect not to participate Orientation Securing a Strong Commitment Force Field Analysis A force field analysis is a process for analyzing supports and barriers that impact

persistence to a goal. First the student writes his goal. Next, the student lists all the things that support him in reaching the goal. For example, he might write items like family support, access to Internet or friends in the same class. Then, the student assigns weight to each item. The weights are ascribed numerically with number from one to ten. Next, the student lists all the barriers that stand in the way of achieving this goal.

For example, he might write thinks like the cost of tuition or lack of dependable transportation. Next, the students assigns weights to each barrier as he did with the supports. Finally, the weights of the supports and barriers are tallied. The student considers how he might reduce the weight of the barriers or increase his supports. Activity 3 Select a personal goal and use the force field

analysis template to identify key supports and barriers. Assign a weight (from 1 to 5) for each support and each barrier. Supports & Barriers - Top 10 List Positive Forces Relationships

Instruction Goals Teacher/students Positive self Negative Forces Life demands Relationships

Negative self Learning process instruction Enhancing Attendance Distance Learning Tutoring Supports Communication Options

Attendance Policy Put it in writing Activity 4 Use the Attendance Policy Guidelines rubric to evaluate your own attendance policy

Program Design Practices that Work High Impact Practices Discussion

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