In the Highways and the Hedges - Virginia Tech

In the Highways and the Hedges - Virginia Tech

In the Highways and the Hedges Library Support for OER Adoption Efforts at Higher Education Institutions Across Virginia Anita Walz, Tara Cassidy, and Olivia Reinauer Charleston Library Conference, Charleston, SC Nov 6, 2015 Presenter

s Anita Walz Open Education, Copyright, and Scholarly Communications Librarian Virginia Tech Tara Cassidy Coordinator of Library Services Virginia's Community Colleges Olivia Reinauer Reference Librarian Tidewater Community College

USA Virginia Location Map by Alexrk2 is licensed CC BY 3.0 What are Open Educational Resources? Image: Public Domain Open Educational Resources are: Teaching, learning, and research resources... Open Educational Resources include: Full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, streaming videos, tests, software, and any other tools, materials, or techniques used to support access to knowledge.

Open Educational Resources . . . reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and repurposing by others. CC BY Most popular licensing scheme: Creative Commons

Copying / distributing materials with CC licenses - always requires attribution and - allows anyone to remix and redistribute a work Like Open Access publications, OER are: Gratis (nominal cost for print)

Libre (5 Rs: Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix, Redistribute) Wiley, David (2014) CC BY Has the cost of required textbooks caused you to: 63.6% Not purchase the required textbook 49.2% Take fewer courses 45.1% Not register for a specific course 33.9% Earn a poor grade 26.7% Drop a course

17.0% Fail a course Creative Stall, PK Unknown Book CC-BY Impacts of costs & Opportunities - Student learning & academic achievement - Student retention - Student debt AND leveraging innovative licensing and enabling new approaches for teaching & learning

Virginia Higher Education Open Ed initiatives 2010 - Nine courses (School of Business) Core curriculum 2011 - Chancellors Retreat idea - Entire Assoc of Science in Business (22 courses) 2013 - Z-Degree Implemented 2013 & fwd - Virginias Summit on Open & Digital Learning &

2014 Zx23 VCCS 2015 - Expanding the Z-Degree across 15+ VCCS Colleges (100+ courses) Logos are the property of their respective institutions Institution-specific OER initiatives underway Raising Awareness, plus: Institution-specific OER

initiatives underway 2015 - Virginia Tech - offers workshops and stipends for open textbook review 2015 - Virginia Tech - revision & update of openly licensed textbook underway 2015 - Provosts Creative Adaptation Fund - Swem Library & Dept. of Academic Tech 18 projects $1,000 each -- Teaching with OER & library-subscribed resources 2015 - Virginia Community College System launches Zx23 Project Logos are the property of their respective institutions.

+ + = Zx23 Proj Image credit Logos are the property of their respective institutions

Building a supportive, flexible, cross-institutional librarians+ training community Intro to OER Workshops Encouraging librarians+ to: Networking Explore

Listservs & awareness Collaborate Peer Groups (virtual & real) Learn Resource sharing (events)

Teach Collaboration beyond librarians Leverage workflows & skills Lead Public Domain image Logos are the property of their respective institutions. Rationale, risks, and rewards for the

librarian as OER consultant, trainer, and advocate Complementary Values Access Professionalis m Service

Democrac y Privacy Public Good Preservatio n

ALA Core Values Intellectual Freedom Social Responsibility Diversity

Education/Lifelong Learning Skillset & Infrastructure Nav ig C o p a ti n g yrig ht Searchin

g ating Evalu Relationship s Metadata Publishing

Knowledg e Technolog y Public domain image Risks Storm on the horizon by the_tahoe_guy is licensed CC BY 2.0

Opportunities Image: CC0 Growing Pains James Keuning "Headache CC BY 3.0 Some assembly required Culture change

Uneven infrastructure What does open mean? Emily van den Heever "Alert CC BY 3.0 Silos, silos, everywhere Communication Workload & processes Quality OER icon 54 Silo Storage, Sarah Tan silo, David Waschbsch silo, Lance Weisser Data, Data, CC BY 3.0

Overcoming our training Copyright, right? Citing v. attribution Unlearning the tendency not to share Rodrigo De Araujo E Silva "Judo Instructor CC BY 3.0 Successes 2-yr Z proliferation

Tech integration Enthusiasm and buy-in Jon Prepeluh "team" CC BY 3.0 Student benefits Tidewater is beginning to see data on Z-Degree outcomes Savings Satisfaction Success

'Z-Degree Program Successes' mathieu dedebant "students" CC BY 3.0 New networks & collaborations Textbook affordability Cross-institutional conversations Interest from libraries of all types Wilson Joseph "HR" CC BY 3.0

Librarian OER Leaders Building expertise Support & training Developing policy Wilson Joseph "people" CC BY 3.0 SCHEV Open Virginia Advisory Committee and Library Advisory Committee What seems to be working?

CC0 image Image: CC0 Excitement by Alexandre Normand is CC BY 2.0 Image: CC0 Leadership by Pedro Ribeiro Simoes is CC BY 2.0

Questions & Discussion Tara Cassidy: [email protected] Olivia Reinauer: [email protected] Anita Walz: [email protected] Image source

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