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I N T R O D U C T I O N - cbtgroup.com

E V O L V I N G T R A V E L C O N S O R T IA PRESENTED TO: Quarterly Member Meeting Wednesday - January 25, 2012 San Antonio, TX CONFIDENTIAL INTRODUCTION Who we are Why were here Why the subject matter is relevant and important to you A look at how HICKORY is evolving travel consortia What wed like you to consider CONFIDENTIAL INTRODUCING THE NEW HICKORY Everything has changed including the name. The new HICKORY is a powerful global partnership delivering significant measurable ROI to agencies and suppliers alike. The new Management & Advisory

Team is comprised of seasoned executives from across the industry (OTAs, Agencies, Consortia, Airlines, Hotels and Technology companies). Were solving the problems that have plagued the consortia industry for years. 3 CONFIDENTIAL WHAT WERE SOLVING FOR Lack of measurability The data challenge Need to be part of multiple consortia Conflicting interests Supplier unfriendly Lack of flexibility Service challenge Too many empty promises T H E F O R M U L A: H O W W E D O I T Partner Centric Approach Our Agency and Supplier partners are the focus of everything we do. Our mission is to make your business better. Revenue Management - Data & analysis driven revenue management to optimize performance and identify opportunities.

Education the ability to effectively engage agents is a cornerstone to our businesses. Influencing behavior is more than marketing, rather, an ongoing process of education, communication and support all towards optimization. Technology using the current advancements in technology to support/enhance agent behavior in the GDS complimented by a robust, yet intuitive, alternative platform for agents to book travel and related services. Marketing using advanced strategies, enabled by the next generation of technology, all tied to measurable ROI. Operations our seasoned executive team and partner advisors can assist Agency owners/ management in improving/enhancing core parts of the business. CONFIDENTIAL O U R N E W A G E N C Y P A R T N E R P R O G R AM Features core vertical travel programs (Air, Hotel, Car) Enhanced by new technology, robust revenue sharing program and expanded supplier relationships with Centralized revenue management, planning & analysis and Supported by comprehensive data capture and analysis. Including new product additions focused on high need,

high return areas for agencies: Commission recovery Business intelligence SMM Strategic Meetings Management Education and networking Consolidated, low cost fulfillment New business opportunities And the services that agencies need to service high value corporate clients 6 24/7 Global Support The HICKORY Agency

Partner Program is designed to strengthen your Agencys DNA CONFIDENTIAL O U R N E W A G E N C Y P A R T N E R P R O G R AM PROGRAM 7 AVAILABILITY AIR, HOTEL and CAR Programs & Traveler Services NOW Two Tier Partnership Program Partner Agencies Associate Agencies COMMISSION RECOVERY NOW

BUSINESS REVIEW NOW Additional Partner Agency Benefits Regional exclusivity Access to Global Network Top tier revenue sharing Dedicated Partner Care team Preferred pricing on all programs Seat on HGP agency advisory council BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE NOW PARTNERHQ (with ongoing product launches) FEBRUARY 1 MICE/SMM Platform FEBRUARY 15 GLOBAL NETWORK

2Q12 24/7 Support 2Q12 Fulfillment Platform 3Q12 Lead Generation 3Q12 AGENCY ENGAGEMENT & PARTNER CARE Agency Partners are the primary focus of everything we do. Our customer centric process is simple: Engage with the agency owner/ management to understand the business Identify the need areas where HICKORY programs, products and services can have a bottom line impact Deliver a solution set that is custom

tailored to the agencys needs Take an active role in the ongoing delivery of that solution set to achieve the agencys goals. Provide tangible, measurable results. How it works: Financial benefit analysis Pre-contract interview Assign dedicated Partner Care manager Diagnostic review & assessment Participation recommendation Setup, Implementation and training Periodic follow-ups to measure and optimize partnership performance supported by the HGP revenue management team CONFIDENTIAL AGENCY PLATFORM - TOUCH POINTS Centralized Management by HICKORY Revenue & Marketing Managers OFFLINE

9 HICKORYU Implementation Training Partner Care HICKORY Events ONLINE HickoryTravel.com PartnerHQ Emails Messaging and biasing GDS

POS Biasing POS Messaging Agent behavior tracking HFH PROGRAM FEATURES Biasing & Behavioral Influencing Multiple Booking Channels Segment Capture & Data Integrity Multiple Content Sources HICKORYFORHOTELS Commission

Recovery Economic Incentives Revenue Management & Supplier Relations Real-Time Business Intelligence REVENUE SHARING PROGRAM We dont look to make money on your volume, we look to help you make MORE money on your volume. HICKORY offers Agency Partners a robust revenue sharing program Available for the Air and Hotel Programs The majority of the revenue earned on volume goes back to Agency Partners Our revenue managers identify targeted revenue optimization opportunities Supported by real time reporting so you know what

youre earning at all times Revenue share is determined by: Partner vs Associate agency Amount of Volume committed Level of participation in our Programs Pct volume on preferred suppliers Response to biasing Booking platform Transparent Program Data supported Advanced payments Revenue managed Single source COMMISSION RECOVERY PROGRAM Provided in partnership with eCommission Solutions and CTS Systems, our COMMISSION RECOVERY program

solves three significant industry challenges: Real time data capture Data integrity Recovery of unpaid commissions HFCR is a single source, fully integrated end to end solution for: Segment capture File matching and reconciliation Dunning Commission recovery Reporting Applies to all hotel and rental car bookings (Non ARC, BSP Segment Commission Data and Payment Consolidation) across all GDS platforms Direct feed into HICKORY Business Intelligence providing you with unparalleled data integrity and real time reporting. Timely data Reduced operating costs Increased commission recovery rate Found revenue Increased data integrity Real-time reporting and revenue management

Enables participation in HICKORY revenue sharing program W E L L M A K E Y O U R B U S I N E S S B E T T ER HICKORYs value proposition: Incremental revenue Consolidated data Timely and accurate data Robust analytics Increased purchasing power Increased profitability on travel sold Enhanced management over agents New business opportunities Operational support in key areas 13 W E G U A R A N T E E I T How we do it: Real time data capture Consolidated data Centralized supplier relations and Revenue management

Ongoing analysis High Touch partner platform Real time business intelligence Innovative solutions for influencing agent behavior Partner problem solving 14 HICKORY Guarantees its Agency Partners a positive ROI THANK YOU

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