How To Better Use Kairos Tools

How To Better Use Kairos Tools

STAYING CONNECTED Presented by International Council Communications Committee DEVOTION


WELCOME Introduction of Presenters Ground Rules Lisa Trahan QUESTIONS

If you have any question or comment Place it on an index card and it will be addressed at the end of the presentation. PRESENTERS TONYA ELLIS LISA TRAHAN


Website for general public What it is: Information repository for established volunteers How to use it: Common location for all types of materials used by existing

Kairos volunteers. Examples include: recruiting materials, fundraising materials, guides for every aspect of Kairos, a few of which we will discuss here today Did you know? Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Kairos E-News What it is: Web page for public use How to use it: Provide this website to folks who are interested in finding more information on Kairos such as new volunteers, donors,

pastors, wardens, chaplains, etc. This is the website you should have on your business card and other recruiting materials Information available under each topic

Provides program overviews Additional Ministry Information

SINGLE STATE WEBSITES Each state, country or province is to have a central/state website Each Advisory Council is to have a page on the website Use Website Style Guide Prior to establishing a website contact KPMI for: Purchasing a domain Determining the must haves on the website

THE FIVE MUST HAVES ON STATE WEBSITES 1. The official blue Kairos fish logo 2. The official Kairos Mission Statement 3. The official Kairos Vision Statement 4. A link to the Kairos Website 5. A link to the Kairos Facebook page Kairos Logo (1) Proper logo use is required on every website Official Kairos logo - blue fish with Kairos name in the fish All logos must use the circle R emblem Download approved logos from

Kairos Style Guide provides information on correct usage, color and placement Kairos logo must appear in the upper left-hand corner of the page in the header Official Kairos Mission Statement (2)

The Mission of Kairos Prison Ministry is to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women and youth, as well as their families, to become loving and productive citizens of their communities. Official Kairos Vision Statement

(3) A community spiritually freed from the effects of imprisonment reaching all impacted by incarceration, through the love, hope and faith found in Jesus Christ. Kairos Website Link (4) Provide a place for visitors to click on, directing them

to the Kairos Prison Ministry Website Kairos Facebook Page Link (5) Provide a place for visitors to click on, directing them to the Kairos Prison Ministry Facebook Page

KAIROS DOMAIN NAMES Kairos Prison Ministry International will purchase all old, current and future domain names Abandoned domains are purchased by other entities and converted to inappropriate sites. Important NOT to abandon a domain. Kairos Prison Ministry International is purchasing domains through the

Kairos office. Call the office before you setup a website, purchase or abandon a domain, or need to set up a giving page WEBSITE STYLE GUIDE Provides best practices that enable the most productive websites in design

Use that creates traffic Promotes Kairos brand properly, and Promote the ministry to people unfamiliar with Kairos Following the Style Guide helps

maintain One, Unified Ministry WEBSITE STYLE GUIDE The website style guide includes: Website design structure,

Navigation and set up, Content, images and style, Domain names, and Social media and blogs DOWNLOADS Staff Directory

Staff is available to assist you Program Coordinators are resources for leaders Marketing Specialist resource for branding, website and domain names When in doubt reach out KAIROS STAFF

Evelyn Lemly Chief Executive Officer Julie Collins National Controller Diane HarrisMarketing Specialist Gina Brockmeyer Womens Ministries Coordinator Craig Combs Mens Ministries Coordinator

Kevin Resnover Youth Ministries Coordinator Becky Dotson Chief Operating Officer

KAIROS STAFF Open - Administrative Assistant: handles all supply orders, donation processing, EZRA and KairosDonor processing. Monika Hess - Administrative Assistant to Program: handles all AKT & ACT specifics and Kairos Torch background screenings

Thomas Alvarez - Bookkeeper: processes bills & payments for office & states supplies, audit, affiliation Jan Hunter - Administrative Assistant: handles weekends, AKT, etc. on calendar (MyKairos), meal tickets, Liability Insurance etc. Andy Perry - Executive Administrative Assistant: assistant to CEO, handles national

conference administration, database and special meetings KAIROS STAFF Contact information for staff members: by phone @ (407) 629-4948 by Fax @ (407) 629-2668 by email 1st [email protected]

KAIROS KALENDAR Agape Contacts AKT Trainings Kairos Kalendar Tutorial Three Day Weekends Online Post Your Prayer Vigils

KAIROS KALENDAR If it has a date associated with it, then it is on the Kairos Kalendar. Agape Contacts

Click on Weekend Date to expand View Agape Contacts Updated Regularly AKT Trainings On the front screen of calendar - General Information AKT Expanded View

Shows all the particulars of the training Kairos Kalendar Tutorial Use the Tutorial to learn more about the Kairos Kalendar

A document will open with additional tips and information. Three Day Weekends Online Post Your Prayer Vigil Prayer is the most important component of our Weekend Reach Family and Friends Near and Far

KAIROS STYLE GUIDE Kairos Writing Tone & Style, Capitalization Kairos Prison Ministry International Naming Guidelines Sample PowerPoint Slides Stationery & Business Cards

KAIROS STYLE GUIDE The Branding Message Vision, Mission, Core Values and Statement of Faith Elevator Speeches Approved Logos & Fonts KAIROS STYLE GUIDE

Go to the Downloads area and then locate Kairos Style Guide under Communications Tools KAIROS STYLE GUIDE KAIROS STYLE GUIDE Kairos Writing Tone & Style, Capitalization

Kairos Prison Ministry International Naming Guidelines Kairos Prison Ministry International Naming Guidelines Sample PowerPoint Slides

Sample PowerPoint Slides Stationery & Business Cards Stationery & Business Cards, Kairos Writing Tone & Style, Capitalization

The Branding Message Vision, Mission, Core Values and Statement of Faith Elevator Speeches

Approved Logos & Fonts SUPPLY ORDERING EZRA Orders Supply Orders by E-Mail, Mail or Fax KairosDonor Orders by E-Mail, Mail or Fax

Ezra Orders Consult the Steps for Ezra document Complete EZRA order form Send in order form to Andy Perry [email protected]

Supply Orders Download the Supply Order Form Email, Fax or Mail your order to Andy Perry [email protected]

Ministry Material Ordering Form Program Materials Program Crosses Program Supplies Kairos Outreach Materials Prisoner to Prisoner (P2P) Did you

know you have access to FREE materials? KairosDonor Orders Download the KairosDonor

Order Form Email, Fax or Mail your order Send order request to Andy Perry [email protected] NEWSROOM Endorsements

Testimonies E-News Newsletter Press Releases Videos Main Newsroom page includes:

Latest Gods Special Time Newsletter Latest Press Release Featured Videos Endorsements

Testimonies Kairos E-News Did you know you Archived ENews

Editions go back to 2011? Newsletter Archive Published

quarterly. Archived back to 2008. Press Releases

Videos Most videos are online Some can be downloaded to show without internet access There are three new videos on the website The 2017 conference presentation includes all video links Featured Videos

Public Service Announcements Kairos Promotional Videos Kairos Testimonial Videos Kairos Music Videos Miscellaneous Kairos Videos Featured Videos

Kairos Outside: Revealing the love, Reuniting the family Woman Divorces Love Affair with Drugs Building a Solid Foundation A Kairos Weekend at Branchville Correctional Facility Gods Special Time Kairos Changes Lives Changed on the Inside

Public Service Announcements PSA with actor Clifton Davis Kairos Torch with actor Clifton Davis My Kairos Moments with actress Nancy Stafford Locked Up: More Than a Statistic / Trailer The Kairos Experience Kairos in Australia

Kairos Prison Ministry Australia PSA with Sky News Kairos Promotional Videos Both Sides of the Wall Kairos Outside Promotional Video The True Meaning of Kairos Outside Kairos Prison Ministry Our Cursillo Roots

Kairos Torch Works Kairos Testimonial Videos Cookies Save Lives One is Not Enough Testimony of Kairos Participant My First Kairos

Kairos Prison Ministry Kairos of North Mississippi Testimonials from Volunteers Discovering Christ in Prison Paul Gray Kairos Prison Ministry Testimonies of Volunteers and Participants Kairos Short Video Kairos Music Videos

My Kairos My Kairos Music Video My Redeemer Lives Kairos Torch Music Video REGISTER WEEKEND INFO Register a future weekend into Kairos Kalendar

Registration allows request for agape and To solicit prayer for the weekend SOCIAL CONNECTIONS Social Media can be a good source of recruitment. The tool most used appears to be generational. Baby Boomers 54-72

Gen X 35-53 Millennials 20-35 Facebook Facebook & Twitter

Facebook & YouTube Where We Serve For more contact information and to go to their Where We Serve page, please click on a state or international location. If you want to go to the website for a state or international location, you can click on that location in this page (map next slide) and the

website (if available) will be at the bottom of the listing, or you can visit our Links page. Click on state where we serve Selected State Information Arkansas

State Officers: Chair: Larry Elder Vice Chair: Bert Bailey Secretary: Joyce Dalton Treasurer: Bob McCaughin Financial Secretary: Darlene Hooten

International Council Representative: Jody Leigh Update Your Where We Serve Page This page is ONLY used to update the information on the Where We Serve page for your state. It is not used to request information, signup for any of our mailing list, or become a new

volunteer. Fill out this form to update information on this Where We Serve page ONLY. Fields marked with an * are required. Complete ONLY the fields that you desire to update. Leave blank all fields not to be changed. Updating the information generates an email to Kairos Prison Ministry International. The requested changes are made by KPMI staff.

WRAP UP Brand Manager Websites Embrace & Use the Tools Communicate & Share the Kairos Story


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