How Can Organization Gain Competitive Advantage? (And Survive ...

How Can Organization Gain Competitive Advantage? (And Survive ...

1.1: Market Evolution Value M-Business (Multi-Device, Multi-Web, Transformation) E-Business (Web-Enabled Transformation) E-Commerce (Web-Enabled Business Commerce) Integration Systems (reengineering) Integration (automation) Time & Scope 1 MP3 Players WAP Phones PCs, Servers, Mainframes Screen Phones PDAs Digital Cameras Mobile Tablets

Pocket PC Autos PCs, Servers, Mainframes Today Tomorrow Toys Pagers Information Appliances Wireless/ Time World E-mail Mobile Embedded Share Wide Chat Web Internet Internet 1.2: Evolution Of Internet Access 2 2.1: The Innovation Circle Changing Customer Priorities Mobile

Business Model Infrastructure Innovation Network bandwidth Network Convergence Personalized Bandwidth Demographics Speed of Servive Simplicity and Convenience Hardware& Device Innovation Miniaturization New Channels Device Convergence Voice User Interfaces 3 New Innovation Opportunities Customer Focus n o i

t a ic l p p A Breakthrough Platform Focus ra f In Supply Chain Focus 3.1: The M-Business Landscape ts ru r u t c e Operational Focus 4 Client-Side Software Platforms Operating Systems, Tools,

Browsers Device Platforms Breakthrough Platforms Framework Cell phones, PDAs, PocketPCs Tablets, Appliances Hardware Platforms Microprocessors, Chipsets, DSP, Flash Memory Web Services Platforms Operating Systems, Tools, Programming languages 4.1: Breakthrough Platforms Framework 5 Application Gateway/platform Providers Application Infrastructure Framework Mobile Application Service Providers Mobile Internet Service Providers

Mobile Application/ Service Enablers 5.1: Application Infrastructure Framework 6 Web Portal Wireless Operator Portals Usability Customer Multi-Purpose Web Portals Personalization Messaging Commerce Portals Real-Time Interaction Mobile Devices Pure-Play Niche LocationBased

Services Bill Payment Back-Office Applications CRM Customer Support Billing 6.3: Portal Framework Messaging Content 7 Channel Augmentation (Marketing Information) Channel Extension Mobile Customer Framework Business to Customer (B2C) (Sales and Service Transactions) M-Commerce Channel (New Service Encounters) Multi-Channel Synchronization

(Building Relationships) 7.1: Mobile Customer Framework 8 Customer Web Portal Channel Web Portal Marketing Sales Mobile Devices Customer Channel Extension Order M-Commerce Channel Fulfillment Multi-Channel Synchronization Service

Satisfaction E-Business Applications CRM Selling Chain Management Billing 7.2: Customer Framework Business Intelligence Content 9 Supplier Web Portal E-Procurement Forecasting Supplier Supply Chain Execution Scheduling Mobile Devices Distribution

Planning Supply Chain Visibility Service Notification Service Management Procurement Delivery E-Business Applications CRM Selling Chain Management ERP 8.3: Mobile Supplier Framework E-Procurement Business Intelligence SCM 10 Mobile Office and Messaging Applications

Application Extension Framework Business to Employee (B2E) Front Office Enterprise Application Mobile Corporate Portals Specialized Solutions 9.1: AOL Mobile Capability Framework 11 Employee Web Portal Mobile Office Applications Data Organization Self Service Mobile Devices Employee Front Office

Enterprise Apps Procurement Mobile Corporate Portals Intranet Specialized Solutions Performance Monitoring News, Stocks, Web E-Business Applications CRM Selling Chain Management ERP 9.2: Mobile Employee Framework E-Procurement Business Intelligence SCM 12

Solution Strategy Capability Evaluation Customer Pain Value Proposition Profit Model Internal Assessment Capability Configuration Business Case Creation Solution Blueprint Blueprint Design Impact Analysis Integration Design Tactical Execution Tactical Execution Project Planning Application Implementation 10.1: Typical Supply Chain Structure 13 Value Creation Revenue Enhancement

Scope of Initiative Process Improvement Strategic Improvement Breakthrough Transformation Cost Reduction Effective Asset Utilization Sponsorship? Internal Leadership? Current Strategy? Resource-Funding, People? Strategic Alliances? Infrastructure Readiness? Key Considerations 10.2: Capability Assessment 14 Mobile Strategy

Business Model Scope Customer Selection Value Creation Capability Alignment Corporate Strategy Mobile Applications Mobile Portals Customer Applications Supply Chain Applications Employee Facing Applications E-Business Application Layer Supporting Infrastructure Scalability Messaging Data & Reliability Databases Transaction Hosting Middleware Security Enterprise Infrastructure 10.3: Elements of a Solution Blueprint 15 Technologies for Collaboration and Communication Security

Informal E-Trade/Auction Groupware, Workflow Issue-based Discussion E-Business Web Publishing Process Structured Meeting Room Class Room E-Mail Messaging Chat Communication (Directional) Conferencing Forum Discussion Bulletin Board Interaction Collaboration (team) 16 Core Competence

Crystallize Core Competence 5 Generalize Best Practice for Reuse Best Practice Produce Best Practice Contextualize Organizational Knowledge 4 Organizational Knowledge Create Organizational Knowledge Quality Information Improve quality of information 1 3 Know-what Know-how Know-why Raw Information

Explicit Knowledge 2 Make tacit knowledge explicit Tacit Knowledge Information Technology Infrastructure 17 Product Information Manufacturing Manufacturing Raw Materials Raw Data Assembly Line Information System Physical Products

Information Products Input Process Output 18 1 2 Define Measure TDQM Cycle Improve 3 Analyze 4 19 Human Capital Technologies Wellspring of Knowledge Skill

Experience Knowledge Processes Explicit, Codified Knowledge Methods Knowledge derivative Learning Information Communication Industries Core Competency Learning Intellectual & Intangible Assets Partnership Patents Data bases 20 Product Life-Cycle Information Product

Information Product Manager Information Production Process Consume Changing Consumer needs 21 Problem Solving Architecture Solution Requirements overlap Drive Customized Solution Structure Customize Contain Services

Solutions Contain Contain Structured Products Knowledge Assets Solution Domain Architecture Knowledge Domains Provide Scope for Provide Scope for Define Define Technical Business Architecture Architecture structure Structure 22

Corporate Knowledge Infrastructure Customer Care Management Performance Configuration Management Competency Configuration Application Configuration Assets Configuration Skill Configuration Methodology Configuration Groupware Group Decision Support Systems Desktop Video and Audio Conferencing Group Application Development Environment Collaborative Document Management Workflow Enterprise Information Management Integrated Networks Cross-Vendor Support Executive Information System Content Management Electronic Mail/Messaging Scheduling Standards Local/Remote Services Distributed Systems Infrastructure Telecommunication Infrastructure 23

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