Horse Welfare course for Road-Racing Sulky Drivers and owners

Horse Welfare course for Road-Racing Sulky Drivers and owners

Horse Welfare course for Road-Racing Sulky Drivers and owners FUNDED BY DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE FOOD AND THE MARINE ORGANISED BY VETERINARY AND WELFARE EDUCATION LTD. PEADAR AND SUSAN SCANAILL. SCANAILL AND ASSOCIATES. VETERINARY SURGEONS Background Who are we? A Veterinary Practice in North County Dublin giving Equine Services to Horse-owning clients for over 60 years Veterinary cover to Harness Racing on the track at Portmarnock Peadar is chairman of the Veterinary and Welfare Commission (Integrity

Body of Harness Racing in Ireland) Also does Racecourse duties for Leopardstown, Fairyhouse and Navan Racecourses Largest Horse Racing Sport in Europe Education of young Persons interested in Horses Peadar has always believed that education in correct Horsemanship was something that he was given as a young boy and is often unavailable to the youth of disadvantaged background Love for an animal and an understanding of how to correctly care for it is a lifetime gift

Education should be available to All and from every background Regulated Harness Racing on the Track has a huge future in this Country If it is Harness Racing they are drawn to then encourage engagement with racing on the Track.Get off the RoadsRacing on the Roads must cease. Sulky Racing on the road The Practice sees its fair share of this problem in North City Dublin We were asked to run a pilot programme in 2016

Integration Course to get road racers to move off the road and onto the track at Portmarnock 15 delegates . Very Successful. Young Amateur Driver the following season was a delegate from the 2016 pilot programme 11 of the delegates now own registered Trotters and are involved in the regulated sport of Harness Racing on the Track Three Courses on Horse Welfare for Sulky Road Racers owners and Drivers We tendered for this years 3-course programme funded by the Department of Agriculture

Dublin Course run in early Summer 2018 Second Course currently underway for Travelling Community in South Tipperary Third Course to begin in Mallow North Cork on 20th September 2018, also for the Traveller Community of North Cork. Fully subscribed..but challenging The Course itself 1.

Animal Husbandry (including Farrier) 2. Horse Welfare. Avoidance of abandonment of Horses 3. Veterinary Health of a horse. Overwinter care. 4. Regulation of horse ownership. Horse Passports Rules of the road 5. Rules & Regulations of harness racing. Introduction to other Horse

Sports 6. Equine dental practical. Parasite control. Grassland management 7. Breeding & rearing. 8. Preparation for racing under rules of Harness Racing on the track. Teaching Staff Peadar Scanaill: MVB. MRCVS. Equine Veterinary Practitioner, Course Director. Veterinary and Welfare

Education Services Ltd. Aoife Quigley, MVB, Vet in Practice, Cert.Eq.Dent. SaraJane Walsh, DVM., Vet in Practice .Vivian Gath: BSc, HDipEd, MVB, PhD. Lecturer at UCD in Equine Nutrition and Husbandr Karen Dunne: MVB, MA, Cert EM(Stud Med). Lecturer on BSc Veterinary Nursing course. Dundalk Institute of Technology. Susan Scanaill: BA, HDippEd, RVN. Course organisation and French Liaison officer IRL/FR Le Trot

Christine Brooks: Qualified Level Five Riding Instructor. A member of An Garda Sochna will provide the module covering Rules of the Road and Equine Transportation. James Levis BA, HDippEd. of the IHRA will cover rules of racing. Mr. Ger Kane: Owner, breeder and trainer of Standardbred horses will cover the topic of training a Standardbred horse. Andrew Mahon: Master Farrier will cover practical aspects of the care and shoeing of Standardbreds VIDEO

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