Honeynet - apan.net

Honeynet - apan.net

Honeynet Introduction Tang Chin Hooi APAN Secretariat Objective of Honeynet To learn the tools, tactics, and motives of the blackhat community, and share the lessons learned. The Honeynet Projects

Volunteer organization of security professionals researching cyber threats. Deploy networks around the world to be hacked. Have captured information primarily

on threats that focus on targets of opportunity. Research Alliance Active Member Organizations:

Florida HoneyNet Project Paladion Networks Honeynet Project - India Internet Systematics Lab Honeynet Project - Greece Mexico Honeynet Project NetForensics Honeynet Azusa Pacific University Honeynet Brazilian Honeynet Project Irish Honeynet Project Honeynet Project at the University of Texas at Austin Norwegian Honeynet Project UK Honeynet Project

West Point Honeynet Project Pakistan Honeynet Project Italian Honeynet Project French Honeynet Project Ga Tech Honeynet Project Goals

Awareness: To raise awareness of the threats that exist. Information: For those already aware, to teach and inform about the threats. Research: To give organizations the capabilities to learn more on their own. Honeypots

A honeypot is an information system resource whose value lies in unauthorized or illicit use of that resource. Has no production value, anything going to or from a honeypot is likely a

probe, attack or compromise. Advantages Collect small data sets of high value.

Reduce false positives Catch new attacks, false negatives Work in encrypted or IPv6 environments Simple concept requiring minimal resources. Disadvantages

Limited field of view (microscope) Risk (mainly high-interaction honeypots) Examples of Honeypots - Low Interaction honeypots: Honeyd

KFSensor Specter High Interaction honeypots: Symantec Decoy Server (ManTrap) Honeynets Honeynet

An architecture, not a product Type of honeypot High-interaction honeypot designed to capture extensive information on threats Provides real systems, applications, and services for attackers to interact with Architecture Requirements

Data Control Data Capture Data Control Containment of activity. Very important. Minimize the risk. What we allow attacker to do? 1) The more we allow, the more we

learn, the risk would rise. 2) Control without noticed. Data Control - Methods

Limit outbound connections - Linuxs iptables, FreeBSDs ipfw NIPS (drop/modify packets) - snort-inline Bandwidth restrictions - FreeBSDs Dummynet, Linuxs Advanced Routing and Traffic Control (tc), Ciscos Committed Access Rate, Junipers Traffic Policing Data Capture

Monitoring and logging of balckhats activities within honeynet Multiple layer/mechanisms 1) Few modification to honeypot 2) Log and store on separate, secured machine Data Capture - Methods

Multiple layers 1) Firewall logs var/log/messages, etc 2) Network traffic snort, addition to snort-inline 3) System Activity Sebek2 (key loggers, file,log SSH,SSL,IPsec communication..) 4) New tools Example: GEN I Honeynet

Example: GEN II Honeynet Virtual Honeynet Running multiple OS on a single

computer Virtualization software (UML, VMware) Type: 1) Self Contained Virtual Honeynet 2) Hybrid Virtual Honeynet Self Contained Virtual Honeynet Hybrid Virtual Honeynet

Risks Harm Risk of detection Risk of disabling Honeynet functionality Violation Solutions:

1) Human Monitoring 2) customization Legal Issues Consult with local council before deploying it References

http://www.honeynet.org/ http://www.tracking-hackers.com/papers/honeypots.html http://www.citi.umich.edu/u/provos/honeyd/ THE END Thank You

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