Created by: Heather Hyatt, Melissa Gaeta and Jamie Ridgely SLM 509, Spring 2011 Here's how to play

http://goanimate.com/go/movie/0jky79sAGyh c?utm_source=emailshare&uid=00Q_ox2AyFc k Round 1

What is Collaboration? Round 2 Why should I collaborate?

Collaboration between a Classroom Teacher and a School Librarian will raise test scores. A. True B. False

Show me the numbers! Schools with the most librarian-teacher collaboration average higher reading scores. Percent of Students Reading on Grade Level

CSAP Reading Scores - How School Librarians Help Kids Achieve Standards The Second Colorado Study

Like elementary schools, high schools tended to have better test results where teachers reported that they initiate collaboration with the library media specialist on the design and delivery of instruction at least weekly or monthly. School Libraries Work

Data-Driven Collaboration Strength in Numbers Study Location: Elkins Pointe Middle School in Roswell, GA Population: 10 seventh grade Latino/Hispanic and economically disadvantaged boys County Competency Test Scores

Library/Teacher Collaboration Intervention: Readers Theatre Unit Goal: To improve comprehension and vocabulary Results: Through experimenting with characterizations, the boys came to understand the

text in a deep and meaningful way which allowed them to interpret characters intellectually and voice that interpretation in their reading. -Toni Buzzeo Strength in Numbers Collaborating to Meet the Needs of

Students What does collaboration look like between a Classroom Teacher and a School Librarian? A. The Classroom Teacher asks the School

Librarian to pull books for a unit. B. The Classroom Teacher and School Librarian work together to plan and assess a learning outcome. C. The Classroom Teacher drops off the students at the school library for specials.

Round 3 What does collaboration look like?

Six Steps to Data-Driven Collaboration 1) 2) 3) 4)

Identify a project to tackle Examine the test data Target the skills that need improvement Look carefully at the constructed response questions

5) Focus on two or three subskills 6) Dont forget to document student achievement. -School Library Journal Vol. 56 Issue 10 Oct 2010

Final Question A. Email me B. Leave me a note in my mailbox C. Chat with me in passing

D. Schedule a meeting E. I dont care how you get a hold of me just contact me to collaborate!! Bibliography Buzzeo, Toni. "Strength in Numbers." School Library Journal. 56.10 (Oct 2010): 38-40.

Print. Gavigan, Karen. "Together We Can: Collaborating to meet the needs of At-Risk Students." Library Media Connection. (Nov/Dec 2010): 10-12. Print. Lance, Keith Curry, Marcia Rodney, and Christine Hamilton-Pennell. "How School Librarians Help Kids Achieve Standards: The Second Colorado Study." Colorado State Library Report. (2000): 1-190. Print.

NCLIS, . "School Libraries Work." Research Foundation Paper (2008): 1-26. Web. 16 Feb 2011. .

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