Healthy Workplaces -

Healthy Workplaces -

Safe Hands and Healthy Workplaces World Health Organisation The Cost of Unhealthy Workplaces 2 Million Deaths Annually 286 Million Workplace accidents resulting in an average of 3 lost work days 160 Million new cases of work related illness

8% of the burden of disease from Global depression related to Occupational risks The data collected only reflects the injuries and illnesses that occur in formally registered workplaces. Why? It is the right thing to do: business ethics It is the legal thing to do: the legal case It is the smart thing to do: the business case Potential Costs

Lost work time Lost productivity (individual and group) Error Quality Staff turnover Skills deficits The wealth of business depends on the

health of workers. Dr Maria Neira, Director, Department of Public Health and Environment, World Health Organisation WHOs Workplace Model Physical - structure, air, machinery, furniture, products, chemicals, materials and production processes. Typically have the greatest potential to disable or kill workers. Psychosocial - organizational attitudes, values, beliefs and daily practices affect the mental and physical well-being of employees (workplace 'stressors or enablers). Poor work organisation, organisational culture, management style, lack of support for work life balance, fear of job loss. Personal Health Resources - health services, information, resources, opportunities,

flexibility and supportive provided to workers improve or maintain healthy personal lifestyles, monitor and support physical and mental health. Diet, exercise, smoking, illness diagnosis, information on injury/illness prevention Community Involvement Worker and Business health is profoundly affected by the physical and social environment of the broader community. Good business are good corporate citizens and good community members Assessment THSD - Area - 2010 6 5 Neck

Low Back 4 Shoulder 3 Foot/Ankle Upper Back 2 Knee

Wrist/Hand Upper Leg 1 Upper Arm 0 Lower Arm Lower Leg Programs

Warm-ups at Work Smoking Cessation programs Healthy weight programs Healthy Lifestyle Newsletters (incl. recipes, Exercise tips, other health information)

Subsidised gym and club membership Quality and Safety working groups Community Partnerships Wellbeing Noticeboards Health Passports Healthy Milestone Incentive Programs Inservices on Healthy Related Topics Summary Ensure the people in your business are are in top condition so that you can extract the best performance. Ensure the work they are doing and the environment is optimised to keep your staff performing at their

peak. If you arent sure that is how your business is running: Safe Hands can Help

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