Healthier Futures

Healthier Futures

TCAM Transfer of Care Around Medicines Gerald Zeidman Chief Officer Bedfordshire Local Pharmaceutical Committee What is TCAM ? Transfer of discharge information from hospital to community pharmacy, via PharmOutcomes Live and known locally as EMOP at The Lister Hospital, Stevenage

Who is Involved The Luton and Dunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust UCL Partners Pinnacle Healthcare Pharmoutcomes Community

pharmacies Why Bother ? Helps improve clinical care of patients Can help to reduce time spent on hospital discharge queries Demonstrates the clinical nature of community pharmacy Integrates

community pharmacy into the NHS Improves patient safety Evidence the value of Community Pharmacy Knowledge is KING !!! How many referrals will I

get Anticipate over time few, but will increase So should I be part of this project? Benefits to community pharmacy Allows for a more meaningful conversation with your patient Helps

with planning your work Reconcile medicines on 1st Rx post discharge Support and advice patients Recommend additional services NMS, MUR, Smoking cessation etc Work

collaboratively with the GP Whats the fee? No fee, but helps you to do what you do - but better May enable additional services to be offered Example - Respiratory Patient discharge referral comes to you. What could you

do? NMS MUR Smoking Cessation Flu Jab How do I sign onto the Project?

All Luton and Bedfordshire community pharmacies will automatically be opted in to the TCAM project. If you wish to opt out of TCAM you must complete an opt out form (available this evening or by request from the LPC office) and return it to the LPC.

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