Headteachers Briefing Pack

Headteachers Briefing Pack

MOVING UP TO SECONDARY SCHOOL IN SEPTEMBER 2017 THE SELECTION PROCESS More information at www.buckscc.gov.uk/admissions The Secondary Transfer Test The Secondary Transfer Test is a test to determine whether or not a child is suited to a grammar school.

It is administrated by Buckinghamshire County Council on behalf of the 13 grammar schools The test is produced by CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) which is part of the University of Durham What does the secondary transfer test measure? Verbal ability includes comprehension and vocabulary

Numerical ability includes problem solving and multi-stage items Non-verbal ability includes diagrammatic reasoning Verbal question example Select the word that means the opposite to the word

on the left Maths question example Look at the picture on the left then pick one picture on the right that best answers the question Does my child have to sit the Transfer Test? No, only if you want them to attend a grammar school. Will a grammar school suit my child?

Discuss this with your childs headteacher Timeline What When Familiarisation booklet By end of summer term Preparation test

13 September 2016 Transfer test 15 September 2016 Results published 14 October 2016 Application deadline

31 October 2016 School place offers 1 March 2017 Start secondary school September 2017 Familiarisation Booklet (to take home) Explains:

what the question books and answer sheets will look like how the answer sheets should be completed Includes: example questions It will not be looked at in school Preparation Test - 13 September One test in two papers with a break Exam conditions 35 minutes each paper CD instructions

Each paper - three separately timed topics (Verbal ability/ Numerical reasoning and Non-verbal skills) Not marked What if my child misses the Preparation Test? Talk to Headteacher to reschedule

Transfer Test should be delayed until the Preparation Test is completed The Transfer Test - 15 September One test but two papers Both papers taken on the same day Short 15/20 minute gap between the papers Each paper - about an hour in total Marking Computer marked (scanned) One mark is given for each correct

answer Each pupil will have three raw scores verbal ability numerical ability non-verbal ability Standardisation and Weighting Three raw scores Each is age standardised Weighted and combined to produce an overall result Secondary Transfer Test Score (STTS) Tailored results letter according to result

Range and Qualifying Scores The Qualifying The range of score is scores is between 121 0 and 200+ What happens if my child is unwell and misses the test? Able to sit the test later

Parent told date in advance Children should NOT sit the test when unwell (even if they want to!) Results may be delayed so list both grammar as well as upper / all-ability school preferences on your application Special Arrangements Adjusted test for children with disabilities Apply via headteacher Discuss NOW! Application must be completed as

soon as possible Results - 14 October Sent by letter Handed out at end of school day Tailored letter according to score Confirms whether child has qualified for entry to grammar school

How many children qualify? Approximately 34% of children scored 121 or more in 2016 intake At the end of the process and following Selection Reviews, approximately 37% qualify for grammar school What do I do if I think something has affected my childs performance in the test? At the time, collect evidence, for example a doctors letter

Once you have the test results, talk to your childs headteacher What can I do if my child does not qualify? You can either Ask for a Selection Review OR Just appeal The procedure is explained in the results letter in October The Selection Review Panel can decide a child is qualified and once agreed this qualification is for any grammar school

Selection Review Panel Selection Review Panel sits Nov-Jan 3 headteachers - two grammar one primary Decision included in 1 March allocation Decision applies to all grammar schools Can still appeal later when IAP will consider

whether review process was fair, consistent and objective Non-qualified appeal Possible to go straight to appeal Appeal heard after 1 March Most schools will already be full by then You would have to prove academic potential

AND give reasons why you believe a place should be offered above number Whether a qualified child will be offered a grammar school place depends on: Preference order Grammar school admission rules A place being available THE ALLOCATION PROCESS Timelines, Preferences and Offers

KEY MESSAGE: Apply on time: by 3pm on 31 October the deadline How to apply ONLINE: If you live in Buckinghamshire, visit www.buckscc.gov.uk between 6 September and 31 October 2016 If you live elsewhere go to your own LAs website.

Applying online All you need is an email address Email reminders will be sent where an application has not been submitted Resubmit if you make changes 31 October deadline 3pm Offer emailed on 1 March Accept the place online More information: Moving up to Secondary School leaflet Schools websites

School open evenings- dates: http://www.buckscc.gov.uk/education/schools/admissions-and-movingschool/admission-to-secondary-schools/open-events/ By end of August - more information in the Guide available at: www.buckscc.gov.uk/schooladmission Making an application You will be able to: List up to 6 schools, including grammar, upper / all-ability and out of county schools Put the schools in the order you prefer them

Give reasons why you have listed these schools Do your homework! Does your child need to sit or pass a test to be considered for a place at the school? Do you have priority of admission? Do you need to complete a supplementary form? Do you live in-catchment? (Check this on the website) How will your child get to school?

School Transport Transport given to the nearest secondary school if: Over three miles away, or Under three miles but the route is an unsafe walking route Check on www.buckscc.gov.uk which school is the nearest school to you All secondary schools are treated equally (grammar/upper/comprehensive/free) Discretionary bus tickets can be purchased The offer process Step 1 Local authorities share offer information

Each school preference is treated separately The schools are not told where they are placed on the preference list by the parent All admission authorities apply their admission rules to all the children with the school as a preference and sort the children into ranked order The schools tell the ranked order to their council The offer process Step 2 Where more than one offer can be made to the same child the higher preference place is offered

The lower preference place is declined The lower preference place is offered to another child Children who cannot be offered any of their preferences are then offered a place at the nearest school with vacant places remaining Important notes Only qualified children are offered grammar school places Think carefully about the order you put the preferences in Try to include a local school that you have a

good chance of being offered a place at Look at the transport rules SCHOOLS SCHOOLS CHILD CHILD Schools advise LA of initial places to offer Schools advise of initial places to offer Place(s) available to

Place(s)offer available to offer Places released andbecause offered to Places released a) next they children are no

onlonger schools' ranked list because a) they are no required as a higher preference can longer required as

a higher preference can be offered or b) ( in later allocation rounds) bebecause offered parents or b) (inhave later decline allocation therounds) offered parents have decline

the offered place. place. IsIsmore morethan thanone one place place available to offer

to available to offer to the the child? child? Yes Yes Hold Holdhighest highestpreference preference place

possible, automatically place automatically reject reject others others No No Hold Hold place

place for for child child IsIsplace place held held first first preference? preference? Yes Yes First

Firstpreference preferencewill willbe be offered offered No No Back Back to to see

see ifif a a further further offer at a higher offer at a higher preference preference is is possible, possible, and

if so this and if so this is is offered offered Offer Day 1 March 2017 Online applicants Offer emails sent 1 March Can log on and accept the school place online Postal applicants Offer letters posted 1 March

All applicants Can ask to go on the waiting list, Can register an appeal Have 14 days to accept the offer. Admission Appeals You can appeal for any school you have been refused This includes where your preference is a grammar school and your child has not qualified About Appeals

Three independent people Not paid by the Admission Authority or council With no connection to the school You can put your case in person Finally remember! Apply by 3pm on 31 October 2016 Apply online at www.buckscc.gov.uk or on your home LAs website List schools in true preference order Be realistic, understand the rules Consider transport arrangements

Visit the schools Dont rely on the opinions of others After Year 7 Full details about the late entry requirements for all grammar schools can be found at: http://www.buckscc.gov.uk/education/schools/admissions-and-moving-school/in-yearadmissions/ Each school will have details on their own website of the testing dates There is no guarantee that children who qualify in the tests will be offered a place at a grammar school

Where to get help Web: www.buckscc.gov.uk/schooladmission You can webchat if you have questions whilst on the website (office hours) Email: Fill in the contact us form on any of our web pages.

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