Hay Evaluation Method - OoCities

Hay Evaluation Method - OoCities

University of Waterloo Staff Compensation June 2002 Agenda Provosts Advisory Committee on Staff Compensation (PACSC) Hay Salary Classification System Staff Salary Increase Program Provosts Advisory Committee

on Staff Compensation (PACSC) Four Staff Association representatives Four Administration representatives Manager, Salary Admin-resource responsible for revising and administering compensation-related policies and programs such as: salaries (annual salary adjustments)

performance appraisals overtime, paid holidays and vacations Role of Human Resources HR takes direction from the committee on the interpretation and implementation of policies and programs related to Salary Administration Hay Evaluation Method

point-factor system which evaluates: skill (Know How) effort (Problem Solving) responsibility (Accountability) working conditions A Hay job evaluation is comprised of:

the knowledge required to do the job whether practical or intellectual (Know How) How the kind of thinking required to solve the problems which the job commonly faces (Problem Solving) Solving the responsibilities assigned (Accountability) Accountability the work environment in which the job is performed

(Working Conditions) Conditions How is the evaluation done? the manager requests in writing starts with an accurate, comprehensive, current job description HR professional:

interviews manager interviews staff member discusses the results with manager Frequently asked questions My job has changed significantly. Should it be reviewed? What if my manager doesnt agree with the result?

Annual Staff Compensation Program all annual increases are based on performance there are no scale / general / COLA increases job-values are increased by an amount determined by the PACSC after reviewing market movement, CPI, funding and other relevant data

Performance Appraisals conducted annually forwarded to Human Resources, normally by mid-March paper copy held for 3 years ratings are from 1 to 5 evaluators may add a .5 increment if performance exceeds one category but does not achieve the next.

How do performance ratings correspond to salary increases? Performance ratings from 1 to 5 represents a position in the salary range or a performance goal over a career. 5 ......................................... 120% 4.5 .......................................... 115% 4 ...........................................

110% 3.5 ........................................... 105% 3 ............................................. 100% For complete descriptions of each rating see the Performance Appraisal documentation on the Human Resources website Salary Range 80%

MINIMUM 100% JOB-VALUE 120% MAXIMUM Compa-Ratio is the relationship of your salary to the job-value, expressed as a percentage.

Individual Salary Increases The departmental merit pool. Salary increases have two components: a) a basic increase b) a supplementary increase Staff members receive salary increases based on their performance appraisal rating and their position in the salary range (compa-ratio). Some additional comments:

basic increase may not be changed by department head. staff members with compa-ratios over their performance goals will receive less than the range adjustment. staff members with compa-ratios less than their

performance goals will receive more than the range adjustment system has been designed to mitigate the effects of lavish and stingy evaluators. staff members at performance goals are not eligible to receive supplementary increases. More frequently asked questions 1. What do I do if I dont like my performance rating? 2. My manager hasnt given me my performance review, what should I do? 3. I didnt receive the range adjustment, why?

4. What happens when I reach my target? 5. How long will it take? Still more FAQs... 6. What happens if Im promoted to another job? 7. What happens if I transfer to another job? 8. Im handling a maternity leave at a higher grade. Should I get paid more? 9. Im seconded to a project for over a year, what can happen? For more information

Contact: Alfrieda Swainston, extension 2950 Karen Gallant, extension 6645 your Staff Relations Coordinator www.hr.uwaterloo.ca

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