Gun Control - Monroe Co Schools KY

Gun Control - Monroe Co Schools KY

Gun Control By: Austin Goss Thesis Statement My PowerPoint is about the situation of gun control. Is gun Control good or Bad? Are guns the cause of violence? Should Americans be ban from firearms Criminal violence

iViolent Crimes TOTAL WITH FIREARMS Homicide 596196 [32%] Attempted murder 918 306 [33%] Assault236,364 5,959 [3%] Abduction1,130 0 Robbery 28,88

7,371 [26%] Suicides 3,671 Total suicides Firearms o Crimes TOTAL

3,671 818 [22%] WITH FIREARMS Homicide 596

196 [32%] Attempted murder 918 306 [33%] Assault 236,364 5,959 [3%] Abduction 1,130 0 Robbery 28,888 7,371 [26%] Total suicides 3,671 Firearm

Criminal violence means guns? Cause Number Heart Disease Cancer Stroke Vehicle Suicide(including firearms)

710,760 553,091 167,661 43,354 29,350 Firearms 28,163 Accidental Deaths

Cause Falls Poison (solid, liquid) Choking on food or other object Drowning Fires, flames Firearms Number 13,322 12,757

4,313 3,402 3,377 776 Self- Defense Guns save more lives than they take; prevent more injuries than they inflict 2.5 million citizens use their guns to defend themselves every year Armed citizens kill more criminals than police.

Citizens shoot and kill twice as many criminals as police do every year (1,527 to 606). Guns used in self- Defense Second Amendment- Bearing Arms It is the constitutional right of every American to bear firearms. This is something that every American should take pride in, and hopefully will be a right that we will always have.

Gun Control Myths Criminal Violence means guns Women are the victims of gun violence Gun ownership leads to violence Gun control keeps us safe

Fact- Fiction Fact Violent crimes have decreased by 15% in the past year. Violent crimes have increased in Britain since their hand gun ban was put in place in 1991 Fiction Guns make people more violent Guns kill people Society is becoming more violent Taking guns from American citizens will reduce crime and

violence Legal Guns 290 million American citizens own firearms as of 2006. Number of gun ownership is up and crime is down. Guns They were created for both protect and survival Today they are still used for them reason but

also for sport and a way of like. Guns will always be around, different people use them for different things. Our founding fathers agreed that we should have the right to bear arms, who should be able to tell use other wise. Bio of Sources Ballistic Solution Modeling Of Gun Ammunition Anita Shakarwala,Madan Singh Rawatb and Anil Kumarc

DOES GUN CONTROL REDUCE CRIME OR DOES CRIME INCREASE GUN CONTROL? John C. Moorhouse and Brent Wanner The politics of Gun Control REP. MICHAEL Jm HARRINGTON Ditching the Rubric on Gun Control Notes from an American Moderate Gun Ownership and the Gun Control Index Mark Gius CAEP Position Statement on Gun Control

Carolyn E. Snider, MD, MPH;* Howard Ovens, MD; Alan Drummond, MDCM;

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