Grammar Lesson # 1: The Clause Learning Goal: To understand ...

Grammar Lesson # 1: The Clause Learning Goal: To understand ...

Chart IC = Independent Clause DC= Dependent Clause Common Subordinating Conjunctions Coordinating Conjunctions after For And Nor But Or

Yet So if although if only as if in order as long that as now that as once though

rather because than before since even if so that eventhan though that though till unless until

when whenever where whereas wherever while IC. IC DC. DC, IC. IC, conjunction IC.

IC;IC. GRAMMAR LESSON: THE CLAUSE LEARNING GOALS: -To know the requirements of a complete sentence. -To understand how to write a dependent and independent clause and to turn a dependent clause into complete sentence. Sentences

What do you need for a sentence to be complete? Sentences Subject + verb (action). Clause: a group of words with a subject and a verb CLAUSE Dependent (This type of clause depends on an independent clause to make it a complete sentence.)

Independent (An independent clause can stand alone as a complete sentence.) There are three types of dependent clauses: noun, adjective, and adverb. Examples of ADVERB dependent clauses: 1. Because I havent had anything to eat 2. After the basketball game ended 3. Until her mother says yes 4. While the band played the finale

5. If you cannot hold still during the service 6. Although this was a challenging job How to join independent and dependent clauses: IC DC DC, IC 1. I am cranky because I havent had anything to eat. 2. Because I havent had anything to eat, I am cranky.

Assignment: Use these dependent clauses in a well-written, gradeappropriate sentence. You may use the clause anywhere in the sentence, but you must punctuate it correctly. 1. When Tanisha wore her new sparkly shoes to school 2. Since Jose won the lottery 3. Before Mitchell moved to Alaska 4. Because boys are wearing their pants so low 5. Though the police didnt know the whole truth 6. Whenever I see a zombie Clauses Practice 12/4 For each of the following clauses, decide if it is INDEPENDENT or DEPENDENT.

1.I've applied for three jobs 2. Whenever she's nervous 3. Since we all pitched in to help 4. as I'm off the phone 5. Roberto was in a position to score How to Create Dependent Clauses You can easily begin to write dependent clauses by using SUBORDINATING CONUNCTIONS.

Conjunctions are used to join clauses together. Theres an easy way to remember and use them. Grammar Lesson # 2: AAAWWUBBIS Words After After what seemed like forever, Royal finally slowed the team to a trot and then a walk. ---Jennifer Donnely, A Northern Light Although Although Vincent is gone, I can still have fun without him. (Even though,

and though) As ---Miguel Espinoza, sixth grader As he walked outside for recess, he was almost certain thered be a gold star next to his name when he returned. ---Louis Sachar, Theres a Boy in the Girls Bathroom When Whenever Ms. Franny has one of her fits, it reminds me of Winn-Dixie in a thunderstorm. (Whenever) ---Kate DiCamillo, Because of Winn-Dixie

While While he eats his lunch, he talks about what he will eat for dinner. ---David Klass, You Dont Know Me Until Until that moment arrived, Marian had never really thought much about vocal technique. Russell freedman, The Because Because she is holding the microphone so close to her face, Voice That Challenged a Nation

each moment of contact sounds like a heavy blow. ---Myla Goldberg, The Bee Season Before Before the man ever came to town, I figure I was getting ready for him. Cynthia Rylant, A Fine White Dust If If you dont lie to anyone else in the world, you shouldnt lie to yourself either. -- Gordan Korman, No More Dead Dogs

Since Since she was in the fourth grade, shed kept a running list of them and liked to reread it to see if she could get the stories further in her head. Naomi Shihab, Habibi to go Subordinating Conjunctions by Functions: Time CauseEffect

After Before During Since Until When/ Whenever While As Because Since So

Opposit Conditi ion on Although Even Though Though While Whatever As long as If In order to Unless

Until Whatever Practice: Choose FOUR of the AAAWWUBBIS words and write sentences that include a dependent clause. Its easiest to use these words to START your sentence. Remember: IC DC. DC, IC

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