Graduate Orientation - David R. Cheriton School of Computer ...

Graduate Orientation - David R. Cheriton School of Computer ...

Graduate Orientation George Labahn Cheriton School of Computer Science University of Waterloo May 2, 2019 Faculty Mark Giesbrecht, Director of the School George Labahn, Director of Graduate Studies Bernard Wong, Associate Director of Graduate Studies Naomi Nishimura, MMath Coursework Advisor

Ed Lank, Nancy Day, Graduate Advocates Staff Jo-Ann Hardy Loc Do Denise Shantz Isabella Ramos PhD students and thesis/paper MMath students Your supervisor... admitted you to the program

provides your research assistantship guides you in your research helps you with course selection Contact your supervisor as soon as possible Coursework MMath Naomi Nishimura is your advisor. She can help you with course selection answer questions about your program Office hours are Tuesday and Thursdays 2:30 3:30

Course Numbering CS 100400 CS 600 CS 700 CS 800 100400 Undergraduate courses Not open to graduate students except as a remedial or extra

600 Essentially a 400-level undergrad course Extra work required for grad students 700 Typically fixed curriculum Lecture based 800

Research oriented topics courses Reading/analysis of 2040 research papers Projects May vary offering to offering May be able to count two offerings of same course Masters Course Requirements Program MMath thesis MMath paper

MMath coursework Total 4 7 8 600-level 1 3 3 800-level

1 2 2 per area 2 3 4 Plan to complete at least 2 courses per term (3 for MMath coursework) until course requirements are complete Details on the CS Grad web pages.

PhD Course Requirements Program PhD (from masters) PhD (from bachelors) Category Computing Technology Mathematics of Computing Applications

Total 4 8 600-level 1 3 800-level 1 3

Area Software Engineering Programming Languages Hardware and Software Systems Algorithms and Complexity Scientific and Symbolic Computing Computational Statistics Quantum Info. and Comp. Artificial Intelligence Databases Graphics and User Interfaces Bioinformatics

Health Informatics Comp I requires coverage of 6 areas, including at least one from each category. Comp-I Courses Comp-I requirements can be satisfied using graduate courses advanced undergraduate courses (similar to 400-level courses at Waterloo) Comp-I requirements can be satisfied by Waterloo courses

(e.g., courses taken to satisfy the PhD requirements) courses from other Universities non-UW courses will be evaluated by the Graduate Director and Graduate Committee to determine area and whether the topics covered and course depth are appropriate for the CompI requirement courses used to satisfy the Comp-I requirement must have marks of at least B+ (78% or equivalent) Course Offerings

Grad course offerings can be found online Consult your supervisor/advisor to decide which courses to take. Enrol in most CS grad courses online using Quest Drop deadline is 3 weeks into the term. Non-CS Courses Need permission of instructor and host department, and recommendation of supervisor

To count towards your CS degree: List of approved non-CS courses online Otherwise, prior approval from the Graduate Director Email course outline showing topics covered, reference materials, the grading basis, and supervisor recommendation Course should have CS content Most courses must be CS courses

MMath Thesis: 3 of 4 MMath Research Paper: 5 of 7 MMath Coursework: 6 of 8 PhD from Masters: 3 of 4 After Your Courses... Courses provide structure Research can lack structure, but... Study a topic, previous work

Identify a problem/open question Solve it Write it up Dont drift! Supervisor provides guidance Teaching Assistantships Only guaranteed for PhD and MMath thesis students Normal load is 4 units per year Max 2 per term Your current assignment is on Odyssey

Duties Set by instructor Contact immediately All TAs must attend the TA Orientation Session! (Details will be provided in follow-up email this afternoon) Do A Good Job Attend TA meetings Being a TA is both a privilege and a responsibility.

Badly performing TAs will not get future TAships Major Scholarships NSERC (Natural Science and Engineering Research Council) Scholarships Available to Canadian citizens and PR only Applications due in October OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship) Open to all

Only small number for international students Applications due in October (international) and February (Canadian/PR) You are required to apply for OGS and NSERC if you hold an RA and are eligible (average over 85%) Cheriton Scholarships Open to all Ph.D. students within program limits 80% average

35 awarded each term $10,000 per year for two years Call for nominations near end of each term Running low on funds? Talk to your supervisor Some funds to help those in genuine distress Questions? First, check or post to Piazza

If Piazza doesnt help, send email to Denise Shantz denise.shantz if you are a Coursework Masters student Jo-Ann Hardy jo-ann.hardy if you are a Thesis/Research Paper Masters student Loc Do ltdo if you are a PhD student Still need help? Send email to George Labahn (CS Grad Director) cs-graddir if you are a non-coursework student Naomi Nishimura nishi if you are a coursework

student Desperate? Go to the grad office DC 2599 Your last option...come to my office DC 3629

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