Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act)

Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act)

Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act) Insert your Agency/Cluster details GSE Act The GSE Act, Regulation and rules will commence on the 24 February 2014. When it commences, the Act it will repeal the Public Sector Employment Management Act 2002 (PSEM Act). The GSE Act will provide the foundation for a modern and effective workforce, attracting and retaining talented people who want rewarding careers and who are well equipped to deliver the best service to the people of NSW. The GSE Act will: Entrench the merit principle in all aspects of workforce management Strengthen ethical behaviour and accountability Establish capability as the basis for rigorous workforce planning, performance management and career development Promote a professional, flexible and mobile workforce

Who does the GSE Act apply to? Government Sector Government Sector Employment Act 2013 Teaching Service Other Crown Services # State Owned Corporations * Public Service Departments Executive agencies related to a Department

Separate Public Service agencies State Owned Corporations Judicial Officers Independent Commission Against Corruption Other NSW public sector entities ^ Staff of the Parliament Judicial Commission

Police Force Transport Service Health Service Audit Office # Other Crown Services include the TAFE Commission. * State Owned Corporations may be part of the Government Sector for specified purposes. ^ Other NSW public sector entities include Public Financial Corporations such as Tcorp, and the Internal Audit Bureau. The GSE Act, Regulation and Rules The GSE Act Provides the new legislative basis for Government employment in NSW and implements the Governments priorities to reform the structure and management of the NSW public sector. It is supported by the GSE Regulation and rules

The GSE Regulation The Regulation contains regulations retained from the PSEM Regulation, provisions transferred from the PSEM Act, and other matters that are required or permitted to be prescribed by the new Act The GSE Rules New type of statutory instrument which have the force of law Rules deal more with operational and procedural employment matters Changes in Executive Structures The GSE Act provides a foundation for a single, leaner, flatter and more mobile executive structure Replaces the Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior Officers (SOs) with a single Public Service senior executive Clear lines of accountability Increased average spans of control (where appropriate) Streamlined decision making Increased mobility

3 year implementation period from 24 February 2014 to 24 February 2017 Agency Implementation Plans need to be provided to PSC by 24 August 2014. Initial filling of roles will be conducted from within the ranks of existing executive staff Assessments will occur for all SES and SOs who wish to be considered Changes for Non-Executive Employees Shift away from appointment to a fixed position, to employment at a classification of work and assignment to a role Assignment to a new role within your agency can also occur, based on: agency priorities, resources or an employees developmental needs Explicit provisions in GSE Act for ensuring consultation with employees prior to assignment to new role

More information on the GSE Act? Public Service Commission Website Government Sector Employment Act 2013 http:// GSE Regulation and rules http:// -Rules-and-Regulation EmploymentPortal

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