GLE-ful Extensions

GLE-ful Extensions

Earths Changes How Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Landslides Change the Earths Surface Some Processes that Change the Earth Volcano Landslide Earthquak

Volcanoes Change the Earth Volcanic activity is one of the many ways that the Earths surface changes over time. Earthquakes Change the Earth Earthquake

s are another way the surface of the Earth changes. Landslides Change the Earth Landslide s make changes to the

Earth, too. Earth Changes Can Look Different Change caused by lava flow. Change caused by lava flow with steam, cinder, pumice

Change caused by cinder, pumice, ash explosions. Volcanoes produce gasses, liquids and solids released from Earth Changes Can Look Different

These pictures show the same road. What earth changes do you observe in each picture? What inferences can you make about the causes of each Earth Changes Can Look Different Earthquakes can cause damage in populated areas. Earthquakes can leave a scarp, a

visible cut in the earth. Earthquakes cause the Earths surface to shake, roll, and heave. Earthquakes under the ocean can cause tsunamis. Earth Changes Can Look Different

Landslides cause rocks, soil and debris to suddenly slide down a slope. Rock breaking away from a hillside. Landslide caused by water-soaked soil. Earthquakes cause some

What three processes change the Earths surface? Volcano Landslide Earthquak Changing the Earths Surface While in most places the

Earth changes very, very slowly, this change can happen rapidly and violently. Photograph Sources

United States Geological Survey United States Forest Service Georgia Boatman Neptune.Com Credits The Earth Changes Lessons were developed by Erika Barrom and Susan Garrison, Sunnyside School District

Vicki Mitchell and Georgia Boatman, Kennewick School District Jennifer Rieke, Art and Science Educator Peggy Willcuts, Walla Walla School District Karen Wieda, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory This project was made possible with funds from the U.S. Department of

Energys Office of Science, Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists. The project also would not have been successful without the tremendous effort put forth by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA scientists who gave their knowledge, spirit, passion and patience to this project.

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