GEO and GEOSS…….

GEO and GEOSS…….

The GEOSS Water Strategy From Observations to Decisions NOAA Perspectives Zdenka Willis January 14, 2014 NOAA Perspectives Moving Forward Priorities Which recommendations would benefit most by concerted focus? Where and which agencies can make most immediate impact in specific areas?

Linking it all together Much hard work occurring in trenches across water community. Where we have fallen short across GEO is in linking the contributions together. Post-2015, a concerted effort is needed to stitch disparate efforts together to better benefit GEOSS and international water community initiatives. How do we do this? Budgetary Pressures are Forcing Change Sustaining and enhancing of earth observing systems in an environment of diminishing resources is reality for the foreseeable future Demand signal from senior levels and people working in developing countries needed for significant progress

Efforts being made to eliminate duplication of effort, stamp out inefficiencies: focus on low-tech, low cost solutions; engagement with industry; mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations In 2013, USG rechartered USGEO to mitigate the pressures outlined above U.S. Observations Planning National Earth Observing Strategy Released, 4/19/2013 New USGEO Charter Released, 4/10/2013

|3 What is the new USGEO? The U.S. Group on Earth Observations (USGEO), a subcommittee of the Committee on Environmental, Natural Resources, and Sustainability (CNERS), National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Coordinate, plan and assess Federal Earth observation activities in cooperation with domestic stakeholders Foster improved Earth system data management and interoperability throughout the Federal Government Engage international stakeholders by formulating the U.S. position for, and coordinating U.S. participation in GEO Increased focus on, and support to, collective domestic priorities in realm of Earth observations will translate into improved opportunities to advance GEOSS and

the objectives of the GEO Water Community National Aeronautics and Space Administration Questions: Brad Doorn Water Applications & USGEO Water NASA Headquarters [email protected]

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