Genderlect Styles & Standpoint Theory

Genderlect Styles & Standpoint Theory

Genderlect Styles & Standpoint Theory Chanel Johnson & Jazz Palmer Genderlect A term suggesting that masculine and feminine styles of disclosure are best viewed as two distinct cultural dialects Gender Roles Connection vs. status

Rapport vs. Report Rapport: The typical conversation style of women which seeks to establish connection with others. Report: The typical monlogic style of men which seeks to command attention, convey information, and win arguments. Rapport-talk (Women)

Relationship oriented More expressive (verbally) and responsive with obvious visual/vocal Women give more backchannel cues to encourage turntaking

More detailed terms (eg. Colors; use of stories) Disclose more and receive more disclosures Ask more questions Use more evaluative adjectives (cute, fabulous, adorable) Report-talk (Men)

Information-oriented Less expressive (verbally) and w/attentiveness respond to women using delayed minimal responses (discourage turntaking)

Vocabulary: Objective, less detailed Less disclosing more declarative statements Use stronger expletives Three Key Rules of Communication Boys learn to

Girls learn to Communicate to assert your ideas, opinions an identity Use communication to create and maintain relationships Use talk to solve problems or develop

strategy Involve others in conversations and respond to their ideas Show sensitivity to others and to relationships Speak in a way that

attracts attention Discussion 1. 2. Did you notice examples of rapport/report talk in the clips? What did you notice? Did you see the three rules of communication for boys and girls in the clips? 5 different types of talk A.

B. C. D. E. Public speaking vs. Private Speaking Telling a story Listening Asking Questions Conflict Public Speaking vs. Private Speaking Women talk more than men in private conversations.

In the public arena, men vie for ascendancy and speak much more than women. Men assume a lecture style to establish a one-up position, command attention, convey information, and insist on agreement. Mens monologue style is appropriate for report, but not for rapport. Telling a Story Men tell more stories and jokes than do women. Telling jokes is a masculine way to negotiate status.

Men are the heroes in their own stories. When women tell stories, they downplay themselves. Listening Women show attentiveness through verbal and nonverbal cues. Men may avoid these cues to keep from appearing one-down. A woman interrupts to show agreement, to give support, or to supply what she thinks the speaker will say (a cooperative overlap). Men regard any interruption as a power move.

Asking Questions Men dont ask for help because it exposes their ignorance. Women ask questions to establish a connection with others. When women state their opinions, they often use tag questions to soften the sting of potential disagreement and to invite participation in open, friendly dialogue. Conflict Men usually initiate and are more

comfortable with conflict. To women, conflict is a threat to connection to be avoided at all costs. Men are extremely wary about being told what to do. Report vs. Rapport Role Play Directions 1. 2. 3.

4. Pick a partner, pick a card. Each card has type of talk. This will be the theme for your skit. Take 5 minutes with your partner to craft a skit based on the guidelines for your type of talk. Present your skit to the class. Class will identify report-talk and rapporttalk. Skit discussion 1. 2.

Identify male and female role Identify specific examples of rapport-talk and report-talk from skit. Standpoint Theory A place of which to critically view the world around us. Different elements craft standpoint Social status Race Religion Gender

Standpoint Theory Activity Consider the person presented on the picture on each slide. Write a name or something you can identify that person as. Write two or three of your initial perceptions of that person. Discussion Which picture did you find to be the most likeable? Which picture did you find to be least likable? Are there any personal elements in your life

that may have contributed to how you perceived each person? Examples? Crash Clips Consider the following: What standpoints are taken by the characters in the clip? Do you see how each characters different background affected their standpoint? Conclusion Men and women communicate differently

It is important to recognize and understand the differences in how men and women communicate. We should be able to recognize the ways in which a persons standpoint may vary depending on multiple different elements

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