Game Design - Mr. Wright's Class

Game Design - Mr. Wright's Class

D9 Bellringer! What types of player formats in games can you think of? Examples? Single Player (vs. game environment / system / PvE) Head-to-head (1 vs 1 / PvP) One Against Many Free-for-all! And many more! Core Game Elements Open up your textbooks, and lets turn to page 25 first.

According to the text there are 4 core game elements: Player Format Objectives Rules Resources Lets first. talk about Player Format Player Format This refers to the number of players, their alignment, etc. For example, how many players does the game allow for? Must is be exact, or can it change? Can they leave midgame or not? Are their teams? Do they have the same goals? Here are a few examples:

Single Player: (PvE aka Player versus the Environment / game system / computer) These games involve the player playing alone, with the game providing challenges, etc. Examples? Head to Head: (PvP aka Player versus Player) is 1 on 1, with the players squaring off against one another. There are many examples of this, including: Othello Chess Checkers Player Format, Continued Cooperative or Player versus the Environment (PvE)(Multiple players vs. the Game System). When you and your friends who are playing are working together. E.G. World of Warcraft.

Examples? One-against-many: Here, one player is chosen, and the rest try to stop or defeat that person. Common in the minigames in Mario Party Free-for-all: (one player vs. one player versus) Most multiplayer games follow this format. Examples: Halo, Monopoly, etc. Team Competition: (multiple players vs. multiple players vs. mult) Most sport games follow this format, capture the flag, etc. Predator Prey: Players form a circle, and people attack the person on their left, and defend against the one on the right (or vice versa). Assassin uses this structure; Exploding Kittens as well. Class Activity:

Pull out a sticky note or index card from your binder. Next, complete the following (in 2 minutes), in groups based on who your sitting with. Write down as many of the categories as you can, and game examples you can think of that fit those categories. The team that gets the most points wins! Point Structure: 2 points for every category exemplified correctly 1 point for each game that is shown to exemplify that category You have 2 minutesstarting now! Bonus Round: Each team gets to spend 1 minute presenting a game as a prime example of a category. You get 20

seconds to pick a game (no doubling up, please), and then 2 minutes to prepare what youll say. Winner gets 5 bonus points, 2nd gets 3 points. Bonus Bonus: What category of game would this activity count as? Pick a Format: Pick one of the games that we have here in our class (not required, but will make it easier): Next, with those in your group, pick a format category that youd like to create a poster for. One group per category. Next, pick some games that help exemplify that category. Get to work! See Assignment for more info!

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