French Revolution - Phase 1

French Revolution - Phase 1

FRENCH REVOLUTION: THE MODERATE PHASE Significant reforms occurred during the early years of the revolution but the king remained in place. (1789) Louis XVI summons the Estate-General Had not convened since 1614 300 reps for 1st Estate, 300 reps for 2 nd Estate and 600 for the 3rd Each Estate had 1 vote The Cahiers list of grievances submitted (read pages 161-162)

June 17, 1789 3rd Estate transforms to the National Assembly June 20, 1789 Tennis Court Oath oath to make a constitution Two violent events that forced action July 14, 1789 Bastille falls July to early August The Great Fear (peasant uprisings in the countryside) ACTIONS OF THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY Abolition of feudal privileges End of feudal dues End of Church tithes

End of tax exemption for nobles End of old regime class distinctions End of guild restrictions on trade and manufacturing Adopted the Declaration of the Rights of Man Financial Measures Church lands seized and used to back paper currency, Church land (and some noble domains) were broken up and sold at low prices to peasants Religious Measures Guaranteed religious freedom

Civil Constitution of the Clergy (the Catholic Church in France under government control) Reform of Local Government Old Regime provinces replaced with 83 departments ruled by local assemblies Constitution of 1791 establishes a constitutional monarchy king has limited executive powers Elected Legislative Assembly makes the laws Legislative members must be property owners

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